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Holidays, Auto-Leveling, Corporate War, and MORE in "Jingle" (2881)!

Posted by dunkelza , 09 December 2016 · 1,939 views

Holidays, Auto-Leveling, Corporate War, and MORE in "Jingle" (2881)!

Happy holidays, Descenters!


Just in time for hot cocoa and snow, we are pleased to bring you a major content update!


Aside from all the cool stuff below, there is AN IMPORTANT ITEM we need you test- There are a reduced number of shield orbs in Valor PVP. There are still orbs in Vs. Bots, but for arena combat we are testing out the idea of having them only show up when you kill someone.


We want feedback from YOU and from our entire community on this significant balance change.


Please let us know what you think on the forums!


We'll see you in the mines! Be sure to connect to our Discord Server to voice chat!




-The Team


New things to try out:

  • AUTO-LEVELING - Your ship will now automatically try to orient to the nearest cardinal direction. This an option- it is on by default but you can easily disable it from the Gameplay menu.
  • VALOR -
    • All shield orb spawners have been moved to Vs. Bots only. Please let us know how Valor plays without shield spawns compared to before.
    • The tunnel leading to the Mega has been clogged up with mineable scrap bricks
  • HOLIDAY MADNESS - A lot of assets in the game have been changed to give a bit of holiday flavor. Vote for your favorite "ugly sweater" ship skin on our forums!
  • MATCH LENGTH - Maximum times for matches are now configurable! (Thanks for the suggestion Vainiac!)
  • CORPORATE WAR - Mine ore and haul it back to your base before the other team fulfills their contract! Available in Micro Tycho, Colosseum, and BAMM.
    • Radar has been added to the cockpit/HUD!
    • Nearby, non-occluded ships show up on the radar, with hostiles showing up as triangles and allies as circles. These use the same color scheme as the IFF icons.
    • Capture/Return Zones appear as squares, and are visible regardless of line-of-sight
    • Miners appear as pink pentagons, and are visible regardless of line-of-sight
    • INCENDIUS is now such a badass boss that he gets a giant, always visible diamond on the radar.
  • HUD -
    • The HUD is now fully 3D to better support VR and provide more sense of depth in 2D.
    • HUD elements now styled to be consistent with the rest of the game's UI.
    • Your ranking within a match is now displayed along side your score.
    • The mission and score panels have switched sides.
    • Afterburner fuel joins hull, shields, and energy as a center-HUD meter.
    • Center-HUD meters have been completely reworked. Meter segments now represent specific values, and overcharge is now crammed into the same meter, rather than overlaying or using an additional meter.
    • Directional indicators for damage have moved to center-HUD, now as parts of a circle around the reticle.
    • You can now see which weapons, missiles, and tools you have in your inventory via the pips next to the active icon on those respective displays.
    • 2D HUD - Uses new HUD elements, but the layout is flat.
    • Event log now always visible, even while dead.
  • BAMM -
    • Corporate War and Miner Mayhem added
    • We made a performance improvement pass.
  • COLOSSEUM - Corporate War added
  • TYCHO - Miner Mayhem and Corporate War added
    • These modes slightly change which paths are available, so be on the lookout.
  • CONQUEST - Score targets have been increased. One-zone maps like Valor now require 200 points to win. Three-zone maps like Colosseum now require 400 points to win. Five-zone maps like BAMM now require 800 points to win.
    • Fixed bug where Max FPS and Render Scale options wouldn't apply immediately and required a restart
    • Clicking outside the Audio or Graphics windows should no longer break input.
  • SHIP SELECTION - Ship selections are now remembered by the game client. The respawn menu now auto-selects your previously-selected ship (so hitting Enter or the A button will spawn you in that ship immediately), and your last ship used will already be selected in the drone bay when returning from a match.
  • DESTRUCTIBLES - Grates and crates will now always break consistently. No more floating pieces blocking flight. This is at the cost of in-progress fractures.
  • GRATES - the grates have re-rusted, so they're easier to destroy with weapons again
    • BINDING - We believe we've fixed an issue some users were having with default joystick bindings.
    • SENSITIVITY - Should now maintain consistent validity.
    • MATERIALS - The material shaders used on many power-ups have been simplified to help with performance.
    • SOUNDS - The Yellow Key, Red Key, Smart Missile, and Equipment Pack should now have proper pickup sounds.
    • HARDPOINTS - Goliath & Wasp had some hardpoints outside the ship collision, meaning that sometimes missiles detonated on launch. These have been moved to help prevent this.
    • LOG - A minor code issue was causing excessive logging when shooting some missiles in network play. This has been rectified.
  • TOOLS - Fixed a bug where cycling through tools in reverse would sometimes skip the Ore Fuser in the rotation.
  • TOOLS AND GADGETS - Tool and Gadget priorities have been adjusted to make more sense. Specifically, the Shaman's Healing Tool and Energy Converter are now adjacent. Also, the turret is auto-selected as your current gadget if you pick one up.
  • LASER GRID - Invisible Laser Grids should really be dead for realsies now.
  • SHAMAN - The repair tool is now much more effective and costs less energy! How do we bring you such savings? Hull repair now requires you to have ore in your cargo hold.
  • GOLIATH - Now needs to earn its ore the hard way.
    • Mining rocks or scrap blocks have been added to all maps except Skylab.
    • The rocks have a new, heat-based system where they heat up and vaporize, sometimes releasing ore.
    • All ships are now better at mining than they were, and the gap between the best (Auger) and worst (Typhoon) has narrowed. Most ships (sorry, Auger) will consume less energy while mining, and all will mine faster.
    • The new mining rocks will drop anywhere from 0 to 2 ore apiece. The Auger, Goliath, Warlock, and Wasp will generally have the best ore drops.
    • Ore capacity has increased across all ships.
    • Minor/Major/Master Miner achievements have been reintroduced and changed to reward players for mining.
  • SUICIDES - Now count as negative kills on your score (As requested by Vainiac - again, good job V)
  • SPECTATOR MODE - Fix for chase cam cycling.
  • SURVIVAL - Crates now drop keys far, FAR less frequently. Instead, you'll need to kill Incendius! Replacing many of the key drops are Equipment Packs, which means that Wasps and Warlocks don't have to bring a Goliath along to replace turrets.
  • EQUIPMENT PACK - Equipment packs no longer erroneously drop from Wasps and Warlocks.
  • VIRTUAL JOYSTICK - Fixed a logic issue.
  • DEATH ROLL - Death rolling ships can no longer pick up power-ups or be targeted by missiles that can home.
  • Miscellaneous bugs splattered and things tweaked.


Known Issues:

  • Mining rocks look a little same-y at the moment
  • Manufacturer's HUD icon isn't very good.
  • The turret has no audio other than firing.
  • Linux users may lose mouse control on some screens.


Coming Up:

  • Single-player mission update
  • More different kinds of bots to fight!
  • Implementing the Sentinel Orb & Scrambler gadgets
  • Some quality-of-life work

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