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Fusion Cannon, Spin Attack, Blast Shield, Bot AI, and MORE in "Lavrentiev" (2180)

Posted by dunkelza , 05 May 2016 · 2,472 views

Fusion Cannon, Spin Attack, Blast Shield, Bot AI, and MORE in "Lavrentiev" (2180)

Hey there, Descenters!


The time has come to unveil the ultimate primary weapon, the FUSION CANNON!


In addition, the Panzer & Typhoon have had their special tools improved to better reflect their roles as "tank" and "glass cannon"!



On top of that, we've made some important quality-of-life improvements, both to boost performance and to make the overall gameplay experience better.


NEW STUFF & Patch Notes (2180)

  • FUSION CANNON - This super-powerful primary weapon creates an inertial electrostatic confinement field to project a blast wave of fusing ions from the front of your ship! Charge it up to increase damage, but charge too much and you'll start taking damage from energy leakage! Don't think you're safe behind someone else if one's aimed at you, because it goes straight through ships, dealing massive damage on the way through!
  • BOT AI - Our bots went to school and are adding a much needed boost to their "I".
  • SPIN ATTACK - The Typhoon's fearsome special tool roars to life, vastly increasing Laser rate-of-fire while it runs! Be careful to use it wisely, for it overloads your primary weapons, rendering them unable to fire for a short time afterward...
  • BLAST SHIELD - The Panzer's powerful special tool expands this tank's team support role, blocking shots to protect friends behind. Energy weapons only do half damage to the Blast Shield, but every hit drains energy!
  • SOUND IMPROVEMENTS - Sounds should now attenuate more realistically with range!
  • KILL MESSAGES - You can now see what weapon inflicted the killing blow!
  • WALLS BLOCK MISSILES - No more taking a Mega to the face from the other side of a wall!
  • IN-GAME FPS COUNTER - To make things easier on folks when evaluating performance (such as with Skylab and VR), we've added an optional FPS counter to the HUD (right next to the ping). You can enable it by checking the box in the Gameplay Options sub-menu.
  • WEAPON AUTOSWITCHING - You can now choose from "Always", "Never", and "Never When Firing" in the Gameplay settings sub-menu.
  • PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENTS - We've done some optimization on some of the maps to help with graphics performance for VR. Players on lower-end machines should also see an improvement!
  • MATCH BROWSER FIXES - Your ping to the game server now shows up in the Match Browser. Also, the "time remaining" column has been fixed, so now you can see how much time is left in a match before you join it. Finally, the Match Browser's default channel has been changed to "General" (thanks, tsa!).
  • UNREAL ENGINE 4.11.2- Improved DX12 support, SteamVR 0.9.12, Metal rendering on Mac OS El Capitan, Instanced Stereo Rendering to improve VR performance overall.
  • Various minor bug fixes and improvements.
Known Issues:
  • Combat, Graphics, and Sound
    • When runnning under Mac OS X 10.11, Metal API usage is attempted and the game client fails to start.
      • As a workaround, add "-- -opengl" to the command line parameters and the game client will be able to start in OpenGL mode.
    • Destructibles need a cool particle effect.
    • The Drone Bay has too many lights and so some people are getting poor performance while admiring their ships.
    • Objects near the corners of the screen can experience "barrel distortion" because of the way that 3D objects are mapped to a 2D screen. Using the Field-of-View slider can help with this in some cases.
    • Collisions are more sticky than they are supposed to be, sometimes causing ships to catch on each other.
  • Launching, Installing, and Platforms
    • Under Linux, the game client fails to launch from the launcher. As a workaround, run the launcher from a specific directory from the commannd line:
      • $ cd Descent/Binaries/Linux
      • $ ../../../../../Descent
    • Installer & Launcher need to be run as administrator on Windows.
    • Streaming software may need to run as administrator to capture video.
    • Uninstalling & reinstalling the launcher may not properly clear settings.
    • Steam Overlay doesn't work on Mac and Linux.
    • Part of the ship selection panel in the Drone Bay can get cut off on 4:3 displays. Selecting a 16:9 resolution can sometimes help with this.
  • Input
    • Some SteamVR/Vive users are reporting consistent crashes when trying to click buttons in the UI with the gaze cursor.
    • In VR, drop-down menus may not respond properly and some menus are not interacting with the VR head-look pointer correctly.
    • The axis configuration menu is somewhat clunky and uses too-technical language (power changes the curvature of the sensitivity curve, factor scales the sensitivity curve)
    • Linux appears to not be detecting joysticks in many cases.
    • Many joysticks do not yet have a default mapping and need to be configured manually.
    • Controller customization issues are still being experienced by some users. Control customization needs a "reset to defaults" button.
    • If you are having mouse issues, please make sure that your Mouse axes and sensitivities are NOT inverted and reversed at the same time.
    • Multiple joysticks of the same model cannot currently be distinguished by the game.
  • Matches
    • Private matches can launch even if some players are marked "not ready".
    • Auto-start timer in the match lobby doesn't yet display. Keep an eye on the status shown above for an indication as to how soon your match will start.
    • There may be a wait for matches at times. While our all-backer player base is much larger than the beta pool, player play times can vary.
    • In a match lobby, gamepad users sometimes cannot exit the lobby using the gamepad.
    • All servers are currently in the U.S., other locations are planned.
General Information
If you need to get the installer, CLICK HERE for instructions.
This test is public and we are happy if people want to share on Twitch and YouTube. In the event that something is running poorly or breaks while you're streaming, please let your viewers know that this is an Early Access build that you are playtesting. It is NOT the final retail release.
If you do plan to stream, you may need to run your streaming software as an administrator.
Our game manual is a series of forum posts:
If you have any questions about downloading or playing the game, that's the best place to check for a quick answer.


Bug Reporting
Please report bugs in our bug reporting forum with as much specificity as possible. If you can provide screenshots, that's awesome!
We've also compiled a list of known issues so that you can skip those when reporting bugs.


Fly safe!
-Descendent Studios

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