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Private Matches, Kasplody Mines, and more - In RAMA!

Posted by dunkelza , 25 November 2015 · 5,048 views

Private Matches, Kasplody Mines, and more - In RAMA!

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Howdy Rock Jocks!
We've added a metric boatload of new stuff for you to enjoy (and shoot)! Welcome to version "Rama"! Start private matches, lay explosive traps, capture more per-match achievements, and rocket past your foes with the afterburner!
For information about installation and bug reporting, please scroll down to "General Information" below.


New Stuff and patch notes! (build 1349)

  • Trichording is now working again! Your thrusters now thrust on all three axes like they should.
  • The Afterburner now works, though ships have limited fuel. Powerups will make an appearance later.
    • <Left Shift> is the default Afterburner key.
    • <Left Stick - PUSH> is the default Afterburner on gamepad.
    • However, if you have customized your controls, you may need to add it manually.
  • The "Proximity Bomb" gadget is now EXPLODING all around you! They take 2 seconds to arm, so plan ahead!
    • Gadgets are now correctly deploying from the Predator's neĆ°er ye instead of its dorsal carapace.
    • Proximity Mines now have no collision until they are armed.
  • Gadget switching is now a thing- you can use different kinds of deployables.
    • By default, this is set to "T" and "G" on the keyboard or to the "Down" button on the D-Pad
    • If you have customized your controls, you may need to add these bindings manually.
    • Different ships now start with different gadgets.
  • Multiplayer now offers the option to "Create Match" and "Enter a Key" (play with your friends!) in addition to "Quick Match".
    • Matches can be started private and made public, but only before the match starts.
    • Match will start automatically about 30 seconds after the lobby has more than the minimum number of players
  • All Multiplayer matches now have a lobby that shows who is in the match, their team/color, the map, and game mode.
  • The "Torch" drone (a predecessor to the Pyro) is now tronified and ready for action.
  • A new arena map called "Rama" has been added for the enjoyment of your adoring fans!
  • A Career page is now available in the drone bay, so you can see kills, deaths, points, etc. Achievements are coming, but are not being tracked just yet.
  • Players will now spawn with a 3-second invulnerability shield as an anti-spawn camping measure. Firing a weapon removes this protection.
  • Mining the core in Capture The Core will drain your shields because of the excess radiation released.
  • Scoring in Capture The Core has been tweaked a little.
  • Three new per-match achievements have been added for core capture points in Capture The Core.
  • Collision damage broke Wingman's kill streak, so it's been disabled until it knows what it did wrong.
  • Virtual Joystick cursor now points the correct direction when mouse look is inverted
  • Many audio improvements, including new sounds for low-level lasers and the Vulcan Cannon
  • Laser damage has been rebalanced to make sure it still hurts... but not too much
  • An interface has been added to allow players to fly in any map in Test Flight.
  • Anisotropic Filtering settings should now correctly save
  • Small tweaks & bug nukings.
  • Mouse control - we are working on more options and tweaking.
  • In-game communication is broadcasting on our frequencies.
  • Team selection is expected to be a first-round draft pick.
  • SLAY THE BUGS!!! (The only good bug... is a dead bug.)
Known Issues
  • Sometimes buttons in the user interface still appear clickable even though they've been clicked and the system is thinking.
  • Linux appears to not be detecting joysticks in many cases.
  • Many joysticks do not yet have a default mapping and need to be configured manually.
  • Our guard bots in "Vs. Bots" mode did not pass the Drone Efficiency Recruitment Protocol and need more education.
  • A mysterious "Powerup Yet To Be Named" occasionally appears to slay unsuspecting powerups.
  • Controller customization issues are still being experienced by some users.
    • Control customization needs a "reset to defaults" button.
  • Installer & Launcher need to be run as administrator on Windows.
    • Streaming software may need to run as administrator to capture video.
  • Standalone (non-Steam) launcher not correctly self-updating on Linux and Macintosh.
  • If you are having mouse issues, please make sure that your Mouse axes and sensitivities are NOT inverted and reversed at the same time.
  • Uninstalling & reinstalling the launcher may not properly clear settings.
  • Laser levels 1 & 4 have art, levels 2 & 3 do not have their own bolts yet.
  • Some placeholder sound effects were accidentally replaced with a different set of placeholder sounds.
  • Matchmaking sometimes puts players into matches that are about to end.
  • The axis configuration menu is somewhat clunky and uses too-technical language (power changes the curvature of the sensitivity curve, factor scales the sensitivity curve)
  • All servers are currently in the U.S., other locations are planned.
  • There may be a wait for matches at times. While our all-backer player base is much larger than the beta pool, player play times can vary. Matches won't begin until they have at least 2 players, and will not add players if there are 8 players.
  • Collisions are more sticky than they are supposed to be, sometimes causing ships to catch on smooth surfaces.
  • VR has been disabled for the time being.
  • The Drone Bay has too many lights and so some people are getting poor performance while admiring their ships.
  • Multiple joysticks of the same model cannot currently be distinguished by the game.
  • Steam Overlay doesn't work on Mac and Linux.
  • The game will not launch correctly on Steamboxes.
  • Auto-start timer in the match lobby doesn't yet display. Keep an eye on the status shown above for an indication as to how soon your match will start.
General Information
If you need to get the installer, CLICK HERE for instructions.
This test is public and we are happy if people want to share on Twitch and YouTube. In the event that something is running poorly or breaks while you're streaming, please let your viewers know that this is an early Pre-Alpha that you are playtesting. It is NOT the final retail release.
If you do plan to stream, you may need to run your streaming software as an administrator.
Our game manual is a series of forum posts:
If you have any questions about downloading or playing the game, that's the best place to check for a quick answer.


Bug Reporting
Please report bugs in our bug reporting forum with as much specificity as possible. If you can provide screenshots, that's awesome!
We've also compiled a list of known issues so that you can skip those when reporting bugs.


Fly safe!

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