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Achievements, Kickstarter link-ups and other topics...

Posted by elfindreams , 04 August 2016 · 3,843 views

Achievements, Kickstarter link-ups and other topics...

So this week you might see me as a guest on the Wingman's Hangar show.... talking about Achievements so I thought I should resurrect this old blog and put some more information out there for the people who would rather read or additional information for those that did watch the show.


Before I do that, just a few small announcements / reminders.


Wingman's Hangar airs on Friday at 11am Central and you can watch it at https://www.twitch.t...scendentstudios or afterwards on Youtube at https://www.youtube....ugOmyubzn6lzPPQ. You will even see me on it this week putting the K back in quality.


Those 912 of you who were Kickstarter backers and still haven't registered an account with us, you really should and join us in the game. The game has been making some huge leaps and the new survival and miner mayhem modes are a lot of fun! As a reminder, if you haven't linked your Kickstarter account, please go out to https://descendentst...m/backer-portal and fill out your information and you should be able to join us in the game. You can download the game or link your account with Steam to get it delivered there by going to the downloads area here: https://descendentst...ts&page=du-game.


Also, Keith "dunkelza" McCormic has been busy lately and as a preview of what is to come check out this link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01JNIBV70. The other shirts will be up soon and a little bird indicated that some time in the future things other than shirts will be available too.... so keep an eye out for a blog post from him Posted Image


Now onto some boring details about achievements.


We have put in place an achievement system that activates achievements after the match is completed. So when you exit a match you should see any achievements you haven't had activated before activate. There are four categories of achievements we are looking at currently:

  • Achievements based on awards here on the site- Right now the only one of these we have active and plan to have active is the Steam Link achievement which you can earn by simply linking your account with Steam and completing a game. Easy achievement available now if you are looking for one for kicks.
  • Achievements based on medal criteria- These are currently the easiest for us to implement and are going through the art cycle now and you should start to see these pop up as the art is completed for them. These activate based on total number of medals earned over a career. Right now they only focus on medals earned after a specific point earlier this week when we added environment tracking to the medal tracking code and forward so there are very few people who have earned these yet. There are 5 active at the time of this post (all based on the Kill Streak medal) and more to come as the art is finalized.
  • Achievements based on more complex criteria- These require custom code in the API to detect and they will start showing up once we are done with the medal criteria achievements. They are based on more custom type criteria like "50 different medals earned over the players' career".
  • The Mystery achievement- If you want to know more about this one, watch this week's Wingman's Hangar but be prepared to be underwhelmed.
One thing to note about the achievements that is important is that these are all still in testing and while we are finalizing these we will be potentially wiping user statistics and resetting people's stats. We have no intention of retroactively removing achievements from people but be aware that achievements might appear and disappear as we test and review and decide what the final set of achievements will be. In short bear with us as we are under construction.


Either way, enjoy and I hope to see you all underground!



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