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Let's Talk about the Drones

Posted by Designopotamus , 24 March 2015 · 2,539 views

descent design update
Hello, again, to all of you in the Descent: Underground community!

Today, it's time to unveil our first in-depth look at the game's design, featuring... well, me. In our inaugural episode, we talk about the ships, how they relate to one another, what they mean for gameplay, and the ways that you can customize your fleet. If you have an interest in the under-the-hood design of the game, check out the video.

We'll have more design goodness next Tuesday.

The community continues to amaze us with their creativity, support of and passion for Descent: Underground.Meanwhile, we've reached out to the Steam community to greenlight Descent: Underground. Please, stop by, vote yes, and let the world know we're on our way!

And don't worry - we'll always offer DRM-free downloads for those who don't choose to use Steam.

We have more fun coming tomorrow: Eric "Wingman" Peterson is hosting an AMA on Reddit (starts at 11 AM CDT/4 PM UTC), and you'll get a chance to meet Michael Morlan - our video and production wizard - in our next team interview on our YouTube channel.

Just a reminder: have you liked the Descent: Underground Facebook page? Are you following our Twitter? Every little bit that you can do gets us closer to our goal of bringing this amazing game experience to life!

We are nearly halfway there, and we're only getting louder every day. Keep up the fantastic work!


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Mar 25 2015 12:11 AM

More content! More info about the game, delivered by the developers in an entertaining fashion! More talk about the Torch KS!


Thanks, Designopotamus, this is just what we need to help spread the word. Maybe you could next debunk the specter of "pay-to-win" (sometimes also referred to as "pay-or-grind") that keeps being thrown over Descent: Underground? This video has a lot of good content about how the game's drones and abilities will emphasize skill, but there's a lot of Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt being spread around the 'net. For instance, this thread on the Greenlight page: http://steamcommunit...01360841260377/ or the comments section of the ArsTechnica interview: http://arstechnica.c...ums/?comments=1


While people who know the history of the team at Descendent Studios can rest easy in the knowledge that you guys hate games that milk players for every cent as much as gamers do, it would be great to have some hard confirmations that we can direct potential backers to. There are several positive clarifications in the Kickstarter comments, but no single "deep dive" akin to the above video for drones. On that note, it was great to hear that mining drones will be earning a solid chunk of points for getting their job done right, even if they're not scoring kills!


One example I can think of is Chris Roberts' powerful manifesto against "pay2win" and grinding: https://forums.rober...#Comment_173901 That one forum post helped lock down several points of contention, and because it was in a text format, it could be easily quoted or linked to. A similar manifesto on the Descent: Underground Kickstarter page could persuade people who are holding back from pledging because they fear that this might be the next "Evolve". (For reference: http://www.breitbart...-business-plan/ )


I laughed hard when you cranked your chair up higher than WingMan and the camera cut off the top of your head! Never lose the joy, you crazy devs. :D

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Loved this information! Yay!

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Excellent, was worth it to stay late up and watch it. :)
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Great show!

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