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Apologetic Monday Blog

Posted by Designopotamus , 22 September 2015 · 2,308 views

Apologetic Monday Blog

So, there was supposed to be a big Design Underground episode for our first introduction to building Descent maps.


Between an inopportune bout with some questionable food and a whole lot of being busy trying to get the build together for release to the Proving Grounds folks, things just sort of went a bit south, and Design Underground never quite got off the ground. But don't fear: we'll have a map building episode next week. Honest.


Meanwhile, I figured that I'd give you folks a look at what's been going on around here, and what's left to get all of you playing the game with all of us!

  • We played Capture the Core for the first time today! It needs some tweaking, but it's looking like it's going to be a lot of fun.
  • As you already know, the power-up manager is in and functioning, although we do have some tweaking to do so that the spawns are properly balanced based on number of players.
  • We also have ship movement prediction in, which is working pretty darn well. We're still working on weapon prediction to get everything totally ready for players with different connectivity.
  • The maps are all in really good shape. A sneak preview of some of the new work being done on Mobius is attached for your viewing pleasure.
  • It looks like we've finally knocked out the major bugs on the launcher/patcher tool, so it should be a snap for all of you to get your hands on the game when it's ready for prime time.
  • Matchmaking is underway, but not quite ready to roll out yet. We're hoping to have a more robust feature set than we had originally planned at launch.
  • Meanwhile, we're continuing to make small tweaks, balance changes, and playability enhancements to make everyone's first Descent: Underground experience an awesome one.


For the TLDR version; it's going well, it's looking good, and it's almost ready for more of you to play.


Hang with us and keep watching this space for the most up-to-the-minute news.


And don't forget to add Descent: Underground to your Steam Collection! We want the Steam community to be jealous of all of our early backers when they get to play first.


Can't wait to see you all underground.




P.S. :pixel:

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Can't wait for map building.  I'd like to take a crack at remaking my D2 levels.  

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Sergeant Thorne
Sep 23 2015 12:49 AM

All right, who's idea was it to slot The Designopotamus Show for Mondays anyway?! ;)


I'm really looking forward to map building too!  Played with the Descent 3 level editor back in the day, but never took anything to release.  We're going to have some great tools at our disposal this time around!  Very exciting.

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Every time I have a chance to watch the show doesn't happen lol.

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