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Happy Labor Day!

Posted by Designopotamus , 07 September 2015 · 1,777 views

Happy Labor Day!

Hello, Descent Community,


As some of you may know, today is the Labor Day holiday in the U.S., which means that our Austin Studio is closed for the day. Don't worry, though - it hasn't stopped us from working towards the Proving Grounds release!


Due to the holiday, there will be no Design Underground today, although your weekly looks at the nuts and bolts of game development will resume next week. (If you're really sad about not being able to see Tyler make a guest appearance this week, you could always check out this special thread on our forums...)


We are getting much closer on the last few issues blocking the first Proving Grounds release, so expect a pile of updates this week, including our next live design meeting for Underground members. Not a member of the Underground? It's still not too late to join! In addition to live meeting access and other insider information, membership in the Underground will also give you access to playing in the Proving Grounds.


So stay tuned this week, and we'll see you in the Underground.



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Good stuff.  Hope the blockers are dealt with soon.  Hope you are recovering from your snackrifice from last week.

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The Blockers are dropping like flies.


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