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Monday Evening MEGA Blog

Posted by Designopotamus , 03 August 2015 · 2,240 views

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Monday Evening MEGA Blog

Hola, Descendents,


Holy cow, we're going to a trade show! Heck, we're going to TWO trade shows. And they're THIS WEEK! Eek.


Needless to say, things have been even more hectic than usual around the office today, We're doing constant iteration on the current level to get everything as perfect as possible for showing off.


The Austin crew will be gathering Friday through Sunday at RTX 2015 (a local convention put on by Rooster Teeth). We'll be showing off the game and allowing people to get a taste of the current demo, as well as making an appearance on their streaming channel on Saturday at 11 AM CDT. Should be a big event for us, and it's a chance to reach a new audience all at once.


Stop by our booth and say hi if you get a chance.


(For those of you wondering why we're not all just trooping over to Gamescom this year... Well, it's just not cost effective at this time, and we want to put everything that we can into actually making the game. We sure hope that we can catch you all there next year. We love Germany!)


Meanwhile, our very own Kajisan and Erio - our European contingent - will be wandering the show floor at Gamescom this week, as well. We're hoping they get to meet a lot of Descent fans, both old and new! Watch for their nifty Descent: Underground and Descendent Studios shirts if you're there.


All efforts this week are pretty much devoted to planning for that event and getting everything as fun as possible. (As today's blog image hints, we might even have a bit of a mega-surprise in our weekend demo.)


If you just can't wait to meet us at the shows and you want more of us, why don't you stop by and check out me and Phil on today's Design Underground. We talk a little about blueprints and the recharge zones, which might come in handy in the game.



Come catch us in either location this weekend if you're able, or continue to spread the word if you can't. Things are coming together amazingly well, and we want to get as many players into the fold as we can.


See you Underground,



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