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Fun with Editors

Posted by Designopotamus , 18 May 2015 · 2,212 views

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Fun with Editors There's nothing that reassures you that you're a real, honest-to-gosh game developer like sitting in your office at 6 AM on a Monday morning alternating between editor tutorials and actual work in said editor. Now, some might say that it's insane to be doing anything in an office at 6 AM (I'm one of them), but that would undersell the sheer joy of re-learning how to utilize a tool that you haven't been using in a while to build something awesome (hopefully).

(If you're looking for something that is definitely awesome, take a look at the work in progress of the drone bay - actually in engine - in the blog image.)

Now that we've moved to much more actual production and much less pre-production, that's where I found myself this fine Monday. (The rain has finally taken a day off, so we can temporarily call off the giant boat building campaign.)

Let me be honest: it's not necessarily that hard to switch from one editor to another. All tools of this nature have a certain degree of consistency to them. Sure, there's the matter of remembering which particular camera control scheme (or hybrid) this one uses (and then reminding yourself a hundred times that it's the other one) but for the most part, It's just a matter of recalling how to do that one particular thing that you swear you know how to do with a slightly different set of keystrokes/menus/mouse clicks/ritual dances. Still, you end up with a fairly standard set of results during your initial efforts:
  • How do I do that here?
  • How did I do that?!
  • What the heck is that?
  • So and so editor did this thing better.
  • Hey... this editor does this thing better. (How did I mess it up?)
  • Did that just crash again, or is my computer slow? (Probably my fault.)
  • Where the :redacted: did that thing go? (Definitely my fault.)
The end result is an almost-completed first pass at a map that we'll be using to test feature prototypes. We'll hand it off to the artists to do some mood pieces and extend the map building toolkit where we've found gaps (or just opportunities for neat stuff) and take it for a spin to see how all of the mechanics work. As we get things more refined, we'll have a better feel for the next set of maps. And of course we'll share with you as we go.

It's the circle of design life on Descent: Underground.

Speaking of design, one of our excellent community members and moderators, Jaxley, put together a contest during our Kickstarter campaign asking all of you to pitch your ideas for the game - both single-player components and multi-player game modes. We did an extensive review of all of the entries, and today's Design Underground talks about the winners!

Take a look as Eric and I talk about the results.

Thank you again to all of you who put forth the effort to enter the contest. Your entries covered a broad spectrum, and they were all quite interesting, even if they weren't all ultimately possible for us to use. The winners, who will work with us to refine their concepts and get them into the game over time (not everything will be available for the initial game release), and the runners-up (who may make it in eventually - who knows?) are as follows:

Single Player mechanics
  • Honorable mention: Yoshimitsu (drop-in bot control)
  • 2nd Place: Skeletonbane (enemy bot concepts)
  • 1st Place: ShoGun (Corporate Raider level)
Multi-player modes
  • Honorable mention: Xyphon (Hoard mode)
  • 2nd Place: Strife (Seek and Destroy mode)
  • 1st Place: GroundHound (Shutdown mode)
So congratulations to all of the winners, and thank you again for participating. We'll have more opportunities to participate in the upcoming months.

As always, stay tuned this week for all of our usual great content. Check the DS calendar for upcoming video content schedules.

Of course, I don't need to remind you to follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and subscribe to our YouTube channel, since you're all already doing that (right?!), but I'll remind you anyhow.

See you Underground,


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Congratulations contest winners! XD Great job everyone!

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Thank you WingMan (Eric) and Designopous (Rob) for choosing my design for single player mode. Thank you Jaxley for making such a fun and exciting contest. It was fun to see all the really great designs everyone submitted. 

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Congrats winners! Well deserved. :)
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Great write up Rob !


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What is that Peruvian guinea pig doing on Eric's head?



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