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Week In Review (5/01/2015)

Posted by BlueDog , 01 May 2015 · 2,197 views

Week In Review (5/01/2015) Hello All,

Our new store is live!

We have all NEW packages and an opportunity to join "The Underground".

Members of "The Underground" get:
  • Access to online design meetings
  • Access to "The Underground" forum
  • Alpha and Beta Access!!!
Join now during our limited time offer of $79 per year.

This represents a savings of over $40 from the normal membership cost if you selected the $10 a month option and a $20 saving over the usual $99 yearly fee.
The $79 special is available only until May 31st 2015.

Our art pipeline is in full swing!

The art team is currently working on:
  • Re-imagined Auger. As great as the current Auger is, our art style and approach to ship construction has changed since the early days of putting out demos for the Kickstarter project. So, we need to take another look at the Auger. To that end, one of our concept artists has already created a slew of thumbnail sketches.
  • Concepts For Map #1. Yeah, not a great name yet -- that will change. This map has a real mining feel to it and the concept art will reflect that.
  • Concepts for Power-Ups/Weapons/Tools/Gadgets. There are TONS of these and we need concepts for them before we go to modelling.
  • White Box "Lego" Pieces. These pieces have been built and are ready for a designer to start white boxing the maps. White boxing is when a designer or artist lays out the map or level with basic shapes. This gives you a feel for game play and size prior to going into more detail. Doing so, saves time in the long run -- hopefully.
  • Predator Concept. We had our Predator kick-off meeting earlier this week and now the concept artist is hard at work on it. Our ship kick-offs are where the designer, producer, art director, concept artist, and modeler (others may join in as well) get together to discuss the goals for that ship. In the future, we'll probably record some of these meetings and make them available for you guys to review. They are often kind of ...exciting?
  • Wasp Modeling. You guys remember the Wasp, right? Yep, we've decided to go ahead with that concept. So the modeler began this week. From a production perspective, this is a bit of an odd one in that we are starting on the Wasp now, but the modeler will move to something else before he finishes and then go back to the Wasp later this month.
  • Panzer Modeling. We've made a couple of changes to the concept but it's ready for modeling now. Look for some renders of the Panzer towards the middle of this month.
  • Drone Bay UI. Our UI concept artist completed a first pass at the drone bay UI this week and it looks good! A few changes are coming though but it should be done next week.
As always, we'll show new art when we have it and next week I think we'll have quite a bit to show you. So stay tuned.

There's more going on than just art at DS. Rob has cranked out tons of design info that he'll be sharing with you during his "Design Underground" videos. Check the calendar for dates and times.

Also plenty going on with respect to Kickstarter integration. In case you missed it, Jason covered it in excellent detail yesterday. http://descendentstu...tormwinds-blog/

But wait!!! There's more! Since we've changed our method for building and importing ships, Erio is revisiting the ship system in UE4. He's also taking another look at our flight mechanics system. The primary goal being to add a few more flight characteristics and expose more of it to the designer in UE4. Doing so, will enable us to rapidly iterate how the ships fly.

And finally, I'd like to congratulate the Kickstarter Referral winners:
  • Groundhound
  • Badnewsbaron
  • SGT-Craig
  • Scott Manley
  • JustinTime

Have a great weekend!


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May 01 2015 10:04 PM

Congrats to all the winners!

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Congrats to all!

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You guys are writing some amazing stuff putting me to shame.


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Enjoy those amazing new graphics cards guys :D
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Congrats to all the winners and thanks for your help making the kickstarter a success!

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"Erio is revisiting the ship system in UE4"


I think i missed something, Who is Erio? when do we get to meet them?


Congratz to the referral contest winners too :)


Edit: Found Erio in the "Most Excellent Contributors" section of the kickstarter.

Welcome to the team :)

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Congratulations to the winners and thank you for bringing in more new backers! :)

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Congrats to the winners. :)

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Congratulations to the winners and thank you all for being such an awesome community!

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