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Week In Review (4.22.2016)

Posted by BlueDog , 22 April 2016 · 2,453 views

Week In Review (4.22.2016)


Hey Descenters,


Some big developments this week -- not quite ready for the Proving Grounds -- but close:

  • Co-op! We've implemented and internally tested the first shot at Co-op! Although it needs some tweaks, it was really fun and will be going to the Proving Grounds soon.
  • New and improved AI. This goes hand-in-hand with the new co-op game mode. The AI is MUCH smarter and tougher than what's out there now and is pretty challenging. It will go out with the new co-op mode but will also change how VS Bots plays as well.
  • Our first test of a European server. We've had lots of requests for this and this week we got one up and running. As expected, if you are in the US but playing on a EU server, the ping times are a tad higher, but our EU players will (and have internally) see much better performance. It is not publicly available just yet.
  • Panzer Blast Shield. We've been playtesting this for a few weeks now and it's been great. We did make a change yesterday. It used to reduce the damage the Panzer (and very nearby allies) would take from all weapons, however, now we've decided to limit it to energy based weapons.
  • Impact SFX. As many have noticed (including us), it can be a bit hard to tell when you're getting hit. To that end, we're now prioritizing impact hit SFX, so the player will hear them more clearly.
  • Continuing to design and implement our tutorial modes.
  • More Bots. We have some additional bots in development now. The basic idea is that each bot will have its own set of behaviors. Some bots will also have their own weapons.


Wingman's Hangar is back!



That's it from me this week.


Have a great weekend,



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