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Week In Review (4.8.2016)

Posted by BlueDog , 08 April 2016 · 3,535 views

Week In Review (4.8.2016)

Hey Descenters,




This week we added a few things to the Proving Grounds build:

  • Fusion Cannon! Trust me, you do NOT want to get hit by this thing!
  • A bunch of performance tweaks to the Skylab map
  • An in game FPS option
  • Match browser fixes too


For complete details (including known issues) take a look at the patch notes.


What's coming next you ask?


How about:

  • Continuing to move toward completing the core gameplay.
  • Revised Panzer Blast Shield
  • Predator Spy tool
  • Goliath hauling
  • Mining
  • Warlock specials
  • Add mining to maps and create game modes that utilize it
  • Training Missions.
  • Co-op gameplay. This will come in with our new and greatly improved Bot AI
  • Survival game mode!


Stay tuned for more details...


Have a great weekend



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