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Week In Review (3.25.2016)

Posted by BlueDog , 25 March 2016 · 1,990 views

Week In Review (3.25.2016)

Hey Descenters,


As many of you know, we spent most of last week either preparing for SXSW or manning the booth. It was great seeing some of you there! You can read all about it in Wingman's blog.


This week we've focused on getting back in the saddle. Our next map to be release (soon) is Skylab. It's super fun!


We've also spent some time getting ready for the Oculus store launch and continuing in the VR line getting the game up and running on Vive.


However, the next -- and soon to be released -- feature we're spending some time on is the Match Browser. I've mentioned this one before. You'll be able to see all matches running and select the match you wish to join. You'll, of course, still be able to create matches.


Our design team has been busy working out the Panzer special as well as selecting the best match rating system to use.


Hey Wingman's Hangar is back this week. Take a look!



And for the studio snapshot fans, I have this one for you today:



That's all from me for today. Check back next week for more.





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