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Week In Review (2/26/2016)

Posted by BlueDog , 26 February 2016 · 2,050 views

Week In Review (2/26/2016)

Hey Descenters,


How's your week gone? I hope it's been a good one.


We've had a very productive week -- complete with a new build. More info on that here.


In addition to getting out a new build, playing around with portals (sorry Rob Posted Image ) and other exciting gameplay stuff, we spent some time getting ready for our move. As Eric noted in the forums, we're relocating -- final destination not yet known but it will likely be in Northwest Austin.


In last week's WIR, I promised to put out a feature set list/road map that would be presentable to you guys/gals. It is under internal review and will likely go up early next week -- although that depends on the web guys. I would've had it done earlier but I was laid up for a couple of days this week and didn't get a finish it.


As always, Wingman's Hangar is right here:



The Studio Snapshot is here too!!



Have a great weekend and I'll see you next week!





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