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Week In Review (2/19/2016)

Posted by BlueDog , 19 February 2016 · 1,259 views

Week In Review (2/19/2016)

Hey Descenters,


This week we've been continuing work on some player submitted maps; Skylab, Colosseum, and Dead-Moroz. At this point, the process is that players build a map using our map kit (set of graybox walls, tunnels, doors, etc) We take it from there and add some gameplay elements and final art. One of these days, the map kit will give the players the ability to do all that too, just not yet.


So look for Colosseum next week. Not only is it a very cool map, but we've added destructible environment elements to it as well. Take a look at the latest Studio Snapshot to see it -- or you could just wait until next week to play it!


The single player story arc is in development. Look for more of that in the next month or so.


We've spent quite a bit of time refactoring our development plan as well.


There have been quite a few requests for a project roadmap/feature list. I'll put one up next week.


In addition to the maps, there's more gameplay added to the latest build so look for Keith's build notes for more info. One thing though, we've adjusted the way the matchmaking system tries to balance out the matches. Essentially, we've gone from attempting to add players to as many matches as possible to a system that attempts to fill matches before allocating players to other matches. This primarily effects quickmatch players.


Check out this week's Wingman's Hangar:



The ever popular Studio Snapshot:



That's it for me... see you next Friday.





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Feb 24 2016 05:29 PM

Two Words here: Flying Dumpster!

Total LOL at that moment...

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