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Week In Review (2/12/2016)

Posted by BlueDog , 12 February 2016 · 1,334 views

Week In Review (2/12/2016)

Hey Descenters,


While the design team was putting some finishing touches on the Tech Trees (as well as a few other design elements), the rest of the team added a bit of polish to the current game. We're looking to push out a new build to the Proving Grounds today (Monday if we run into "issues"). So be sure to look for the build notes Keith writes up for each release.


If you want to play the earliest early access possible as well as provide feedback on the Proving Grounds builds during the Underground Design (featuring and hosted by Keith McCormic) meetings you can if you are a member of the Underground.


One of the great things about being a member of the Underground is that you get a look at features and maps long before anyone else. In fact, we have three player made grayboxed maps in the Proving Grounds right now.


Did you check out Wingman's Hangar today? No? Well you know its published every Friday and, right after the show, the Wingman himself jumps right into the game to take on all comers. This is a great opportunity to introduce Eric to your mega missile!!! Posted Image


Well if you missed Wingman's Hangar today -- no worries -- it's right here:



The Studio Snapshot is always here and today is no exception:



You know, since I mentioned a Proving Grounds release that should be out today, it occurred to me that I could show you a bit of what's in it:



That's it for me.


Have a great weekend.





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You're thinking (as per you saying it looks "ugly" that way) no-one wants to play the game "without" graphics like is shown at 4:40 in the Hangar video, but there ARE players who prefer it like that... less information (implicitly so) which makes it more comfortable for some, focus on gameplay... it does become a question of gameplay balance if you start getting an absolutely huge benefit from the way you're rendering the game but still beyond any doubt the way I'd like to play this game.


Quake III/Quake Live are examples of games where people very very very often disable lots of graphics stuff for the same reasons, especially in the competitive spheres. It's also just a simple question of performance. I can't afford (and I might not be alone) a top-end computer so I'm simply not going to be able to get into this at all for the longest time. Well that and time. But by allowing low low graphics settings, you're not blocking off potential players for performance reasons alone.


I hope it's not the assumption you're going to make that no-one would play it that way... in a way that's underestimating gamers :/

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