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Week In Review (1/22/2016)

Posted by BlueDog , 22 January 2016 · 1,773 views

Week In Review (1/22/2016)

Hello Descenters,


So what happened this week?


We released three builds to the Proving Grounds. We focused on two key elements of gameplay with these builds.

  • Overall balance. We wanted to make it a bit easier to hit your target, so we sped up the weapon speeds and increased the size of the hit boxes on both weapons and ships.
  • Pacing. How often are you killed and how quickly can you kill your opponent.


So throughout the week we were increasing and decreasing the size of various hit boxes, speeding and slowing down projectiles, and decreasing the amount of damage done per hit.


The general feeling of The Undergrounds is that we're on the right track.


We also release a new map -- Tycho -- to The Undergrounders. This is a very cool map with large outer rings and a big central space. You can zip around the outer rings fighting with whomever you encounter or get in the center for more concentrated action.


Anything else?


Why yes, we also release the Shaman to The Undergrounds to play in the Proving Grounds. Still VERY early for the Shaman and it will require quite a bit more testing and balancing. For those of you not familiar with this ship, the Shaman has "healing" abilities as well as some offensive power.


And the design beat goes on! Rob finished the first pass on the tech trees this week. The tech trees, along with drone specials, really start to give the bring out the role of each drone. Although it will take a while to fully implement the tech trees, look for mid to late February or so for the first iteration.


Wingman's Hangar:



Studio Snapshot:



That's it for me. Have a great weekend!





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