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Week In Review (1/15/2016)

Posted by BlueDog , 15 January 2016 · 1,707 views

Week In Review (1/15/2016)

Happy New Year!!


Yeah, just a week or so behind. In any case, there's lots of great news this week. So lets' get right to it!


We are opening the Proving Grounds early next week for all of our Undergrounders. We have a bunch of new features and adjustments to current features that need to be tested before we release it to production. So what changes are in this build?


How about?

  • Micro Tycho. Micro Tycho is a smaller version of a very large map. It is a an icesteroid with rings circling the center. This is not only an awesome looking map, but one that plays really well.
  • Damage states. We've decided to give some visual cues showing how much hull damage your enemies have taken. If your hull is at 75% your ship will start smoking (kind of like my pickup -- but that's another story). At 50% hull damage, you're engines will start to spark.
And Based upon your feedback
  • We are taking a look at some weapons currently in the game. We've adjusted the projectile speed for the lasers, the plasma gun, and the vulcan. In addition, we've enlarged (embiggened as Tyler would say) the particle and hit box of the plasma gun and the lasers.
  • New laser bolt colors. Yep, you'll now have a better idea of exactly what your adversary is shooting your way.
  • We know you guys like scooting around in super fast (afterburner) mode. So, we've added afterburner pickups to each map!


All of this -- and more -- are going into the Proving Grounds, however that doesn't mean it all gets into Production. We'll make these decisions after hearing from the Undergrounders.


Some items that are in our queue:

  • The Shaman. We're making great progress with this ship now. Although it can perform all functions currently in the game, its primary role is to provide some healing for teammates. This ship will be released sooner than you think -- certainly by the end of the month.
  • Tech Trees! Just like ship roles are core to the game, tech trees also play a very important role. The design of the tech trees is almost complete and we should start development on them next week. The plan will be to get the infrastructure in place and maybe one or two tiers completed prior to releasing it to the Underground. We'll, of course, continue developing tiers as we go and releasing them as they are ready.


How about some Wingman's Hanger (with a special guest appearance by me -- yikes):



And here's your weekly Studios Snapshot!:



Tons of great stuff coming in the next month or so, so stay tuned!





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Jan 15 2016 10:50 PM

Excited for the Shaman.

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