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Week In Review (12/4/2015)

Posted by BlueDog , 04 December 2015 · 2,230 views

Week In Review (12/4/2015)

Hello Fellow Descenters,


We've spent the last two weeks (really just 1.5 I guess due to Thanksgiving) adding, fixing, and enhancing.


Let's get right to it, here's some things we've been working on and are looking to get started very soon:
  • The new Career Page is ready and will be in the next big patch. You'll be able to see your achievement history, as well as, all of your other stats in all their glory.
  • You'll also be seeing the fix for the infamous mouse bounce. For those of you not familiar with this, it happens when you move the mouse very quickly. So we are implementing some mouse smoothing to compensate.
  • We've made several improvements to the Oculus VR build. Awesome improvements to the framerate.
  • Loads of fixes to the leaderboards -- with a handful to come.
  • Server stability and availability enhancements. These are the sort of things you probably don't notice but are super important.
  • We added a cockpit to the original Auger. This was done for our friends at Oculus so they could check out the game with and without a cockpit. Cockpits might also work their way into the game at some point.
  • We've are looking at performance enhancements in the current set of maps. Valor is first and will likely go live in the next big patch.
  • Chat -- both voice and text. This is in the research and design stage and is something we'd like to get in very soon.
  • We've had quite a few Descenters ask about modding. This week we've started moving a little in that direction. It's a bit of a baby step but it does get us going. To that end, we will be offering a basic level building kit and, of course, some guidelines and how-to's to go along with it.
  • Some of you may have noticed that the match entry message and VO telling you what team you're on got a little.... confused sometimes. That's been fixed now.
  • Team Selection! Ok, not in yet, but now on our short list. Soon, the match creator will be able to move players from one team to another while in the lobby. So, for instance, if you and a buddy want to play on the same team, you'll be able to make sure that happens.
  • We're making progress with Hot Rock! Some really cool art for now, but the game development will happen in the not too distant future.
  • We're adding the Smart missile. This should be in the Proving Ground by the end of the year
  • Lots of people have been pinging us about Single Player. We know it's a very big deal -- it is to us too. We'd already started working on the lore side, planning out the story arc and so on. Now we've started building a single player map. I don't have an eta on that yet, but stay tuned.
  • There's been a lot of feedback with respect to Laser Grids and team kills. So we are thinking about doing something like this teammates laser grids are green and can be flown through and taken down by teammates - and enemy grids are red which work as now. Post your thoughts in the forums.


There's certainly more but it's is time for a Studio Snapshot!



And, of course, Wingman's Hangar:



Hey! If you're interested in a sci-fi strategy game, you can get in on the ground floor with Not Your Space. It's being developed by our friend Bob Saunders and it looks like it will be tons of fun.


That's about it for me for now. Have a great weekend and look for me in-game -- I'm and easy kill :(





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Go Descendent! Rah rah!

And already a test cockpit? I am so excited! This might make me a VR convert.
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