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Week In Review (11/20/2015)

Posted by BlueDog , 20 November 2015 · 2,806 views

Week In Review (11/20/2015)

Happy Friday Descenters,


Quite a bit of work has gone into this latest build scheduled to be released to the Proving Grounds (Which includes Alpha and Beta backers) tonight. If all goes well there, we'll release it to everyone else next week.


New stuff going out tonight to the Proving Grounds:
  • Changes to Capture The Core scoring.
  • Changes to damage while capturing the core. This change means you will only take damage while mining the core.
  • We've also implemented the afterburner! Awesome when you need that little bit extra speed.
  • You will now take damage if you collide with the environment or another drone -- but only if you hit either hard enough.
  • Trichording!!!!!!!
  • 3 new achievements: Minor Miner, Major Miner, and Master Miner! You earn these by being in the core zone or mining the core during a CTC match.
  • CTC is now available in Rama!
  • Now when you die :angry:, you will be invulnerable for 3 seconds. This gives you a chance to get your act together before someone else gets it together for you :P
  • Here's a biggie! Career Page! The Proving Ground folks will see a prelim career page.
  • I mentioned this one last week -- Proximity Mine. Well we had to hold it for a while, but it's going into the PG today as well, for reals B-)
  • And more -- check out the patch notes for everything.


Want to check out this week's Wingman's Hangar? Here ya go!



Here's this week's Studio Snapshot:



Have a great weekend,



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