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Week In Review (11/6/2015)

Posted by BlueDog , 06 November 2015 · 2,183 views

Week In Review (11/6/2015)

Howdy Descenters,


We've finally gotten off the bug smash train (somewhat) and are back to implementing new features.


In the very near future, we'll have the next phase of matchmaking in. This phase will give you the ability to create private matches and invite your friends to play in those private matches!!! If you have no friends (like me :P) , you can still pick the match type and map you want to play and be queued with the other Descenters who favor that match and match type. Or you could really be just like me and take whatever match and match type come your way (Quickmatch!)


Another big feature on tap is the Career page. The Career page will be available in-game (and web soon after). You can check out all of your achievements (yes, we are adding tons more). This also moves us down the path toward leader-boards and rankings. You'll be able to opt out of those if you prefer. By the way, I think Keith has some Career page contest stuff coming too.


Well, those are two of the biggies on the list. There will be plenty more though!!


For those of you that would like to watch some hot in-game action, I am including the stream from today of me playing against some fans. No doubt the pro Descenters will be critiquing my performance and likely finding it wanting :( . However, you never know which member of the dev team will be playing, so check in periodically and you might get a chance to Mega-Missile Wingman!



If you missed Wingman's Hangar you can always find it here on Fridays:



This weeks Studio Snapshot:



Have a great weekend,



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Assuming you introduce a leaderboard and rankings, I take it they'll be reset to zero after launch - or kept seperate? :)

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