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Week In Review (10/30/2015) aka What's Next?

Posted by BlueDog , 30 October 2015 · 3,389 views

Week In Review (10/30/2015)  aka What's Next?

Happy Friday,


We will have a couple of new builds to release soon (one next week for sure). The other will be soon after. The first build will have some bug fixes and a bit of polish.

  • We'll notify players of the match objectives (I.E. Be sure to capture the core!!)
  • We've made some adjustments to the in-match and end-of-match scoreboard. I know you like it.
  • The homing missiles have been adjusted to "home" a little more than before :P
  • Speaking of homing missiles, there will be a missile lock warning (only you will hear) telling you when a player has fired a homing missile at you
  • More achievements will be added and you'll get an audio cue telling you when you've earned one
  • Also achievements will be shown in the score sheet (keep in mind that, for now, achievements are per match. However, we'll have permanent achievements very soon)
  • We've also received a lot of feedback regarding the mouse, so we've implemented a new way to use the mouse (yep, you can keep the old style if you like). The "new" mouse will be in the upcoming patch.


The release after this will actually have some bigger features:

  • It will have a way for you to create a match and invite your friends to play in that match!!!!
  • We'll have a new ship to play (probably the Predator)
  • We'll have a new match type!
  • And we are adding the plasma gun!


So some big stuff being added and even more on the way.


Here's a huge thanks to our friends on Crowfall. They gave us a very nice shout out.






For your viewing please, I present Wingman's Hangar:



Our Studio Snapshot:



Cheers and have a great weekend,



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Sergeant Thorne
Nov 01 2015 02:06 AM

Plasma!! Have you been eating your greens lately? *plasma firing sound*

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