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Week In Review (10/23/2015) aka Live on Steam Early Access!!!

Posted by BlueDog , 23 October 2015 · 7,245 views

Week In Review (10/23/2015) aka Live on Steam Early Access!!!

Hey Descenters,

As most of you probably already know, we are live on Steam Early Access!

So this week has been all about getting ready for that. The response has been very good so far. In fact, we are already on the Most Popular and Top Seller lists in early access.

Thank you for helping get the word out!

This week's Wingman's Hangar can be seen below...

You can also view this week's Studio Snapshot right here:

BTW, jump on any time and you'll likely get some great opportunities to play against Wingman and crew (at least for the next few days).

Next week, we need to get back on our regular development cycle, so more specific dev tidbits then.

Have fun playing this weekend and be sure to look for me, Bluedog, I'll be the guy chasing you with Quad 4's!



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Just watching the Wingmans Hanger now, made me realise that I backed the KS without ever watching the pitch video! (I had seen the 2010 tease video though which was just great, love that movie).


Congratulations on going live on Steam Early Access, you are quickly delivering an immensely fun (mp) game that I enjoy diving into; which is saying something for me as I never play MP games.

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I Played DU for the first time last night, what a great game, feels just like I remember. Only thing is I hate the KBM ....placed an order for Logitech 3D Pro last night, cant wait for it to get here :D

Great work on the game thus far guys, cant wait to see more.

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