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Week In Review (10/16/2015)

Posted by BlueDog , 16 October 2015 · 5,746 views

Week In Review (10/16/2015)

Hey Descenters,


We've now opened up the game to even more pilots -- Proving Grounds, Alpha, and Beta backers. I gotta say there are some good ones out there. Having said that, the learning curve isn't really that steep and you can even fly around in solo mode now if you just want to get some practice and tune your controls -- just click the "Test Flight" button.



If you're not playing now, CLICK HERE for instructions.


We've spent most of the week stomping bugs and adding a bit more polish here and there. The bug reporting we've gotten from the community has been great. It is no secret that we're a very small team, so the more folks that play and report issues the better.


How about Design Undeground this week? What? You missed it? In that case, I'll just leave it right here ⇓



Wingman's Hangar is up and ready and here for your viewing pleasure:



This week's Studio Snapshot is here as well!



Be sure to stay tuned, there will be a Steam Early Access announcement very soon.





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