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Week In Review (10/9/2015) Alpha Joins Early Access!

Posted by BlueDog , 09 October 2015 · 4,590 views

Week In Review (10/9/2015) Alpha Joins Early Access!

Hello Descenters,


This has been a very busy week for the team. If you're a member of The Underground, you've had an opportunity to play the game for a week now and many of you have! I know this because it seems like every time I turned around, someone was hitting me with lasers, vulcan guns, and yes, the dreaded Mega Missile :) . We've received some great feedback that has led to many changes over the last week.


We've now opened up the game to Alpha players as well. We're really hoping to stress the servers, so jump in when you get a chance.


Rather than listing all the bugs fixes here, I'll just point you to the release notes. Here's the latest, but feel free to peruse previously posted notes too!


Let's get right to the videos:


Wingman's Hangar is streamed every Friday, but if you missed it, you can catch it here:



Design Undeground (featuring just Rob this time -- sorry Pixley's Pixels, you'll have to wait till next week). In this episode, Rob talks about map building and shows off some of the tools.



For an inside look at some of the goings on in the studio this week, check out Studio Snapshot:



Well boys and girls, that's it for me this week. If you have alpha access or proving grounds access, jump in, join the fun, and shoot the devs (we'll be on and off during the weekend).





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I checked out the Friday stream. Really happy with the progress the team is making. Keep up the great work!

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