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Week In Review (10/2/2015)

Posted by BlueDog , 02 October 2015 · 2,850 views

Week In Review (10/2/2015)

Hey Descenters,


Well, we've finally hit a major milestone. We've released the pre-Alpha build to the Proving Grounds! They're all having fun as we speak. Speaking of Proving Grounds ;) , we're going to have a focused test tomorrow (Saturday, October 3rd) for a couple of hours starting at noon. Come by, join the fun, and put the hurt on some of the devs.


As you might imagine, when a team is coming down to the wire on a big release, most of the work done (usually) is bug fixing and polish. That's what we've been up to this week.


Some of the bigger ones:

  • Huge improvements to the launcher/patcher and more improvements are on the way
  • For now, we are just going with a "quick match" style of putting players into matches with each other. The system picks the map and game mode. In the not-too-distant future, we will allow players to pick specific match types, maps, numbers of players, inviting friends to play with you and a ton more! Having said all that, the matchmaking system is working great.
  • We've replaced several of the sound effects. Quite a few of our sounds were placeholder and we're starting to replace those with more final versions.
  • The graphics settings are now... well... "setting" now. You Undergrounders will see this in the next build.
  • Audio settings are now in as well. Next build for you Undergrounders.
  • Lots more, of course. Be sure to check release notes for more details.


By the way, for now, the only way to play is to have access to the Proving Grounds. You can get access by virtue of joining The Underground.


It's pretty easy to do... just go here! Joining The Underground also gets you access to Alpha and Beta to boot!


What would a "Week In Review" be without reminding you to watch the Wingman in all his glory... consider yourself reminded and check below.



And let's not forget Rob Irving's Design Underground (featuring Rob Irving)!



And lastly, for you folks that like Studio Snapshot (who doesn't?) , here it is.



That's it for me! See you in the game.



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wingnoob nooooo

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Missed Wingnoob. Wondering where he has been hiding. :)

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Void Stalker
Oct 05 2015 01:41 AM

I swear I saw a Panzer that could only fly backwards and upside down, while bumping into everything like a drunk prom date, with the "Wingnoob" moniker over it.. 

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