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Week In Review (9/18/2015)

Posted by BlueDog , 18 September 2015 · 3,527 views

Week In Review (9/18/2015)

Hey Descenters,


I hope you've had a great week -- we sure did! So lets get right to it.

  • Our first pass at Rama (a map designed for Hot Rock!) is in and playtested. Well, as it turns out it was a bit too large, so we're reducing it.
  • Capture the core development is ongoing. We should have this gamemode completed by the end of next week.
  • Our friends at CGBot delivered Mobius and it looks great! This map can be used with a few different gamemodes.
  • Although the Predator has been modeled for a while now, we haven't had the chance to get it in the game. That process has begun and the Predator will be ready some time early next week.
  • Lots of progress with matchmaking (basics) and the installer/patcher. In fact, all of us on the project are using the installer/patcher exclusively -- YEAH NO MORE DOWNLOADING THE WHOLE GAME!
  • With respect to matchmaking, although the basics to the backend are there, we still need to implement the UI/frontend. That starts next week.
  • Speaking of backend work... the network movement code for ships is in and working beautifully. Over the next few days, we should see weapon prediction in place as well.
  • We also have a new power-up manager in place now. So power-up proliferation has been halted and the world is safe for producers again.
  • Last weeks power-up art is in. The old art was great, but what's been done now helps you know what the power-up is from a good distance.
  • Tycho (formerly know as Ringsanity) is moving along. This map is crazy and built for large numbers of players. No doubt this will be fun.
  • Lots more, but I have to save some for other bloggers :(


Wingmans Hangar!!



Studio Snapshot:



Tech Underground:



Well, that's it for me this week. Check back again next week for more project news!!





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What Shocking end trail movie. :) 

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Thanks for the update Guys DO keep up the great work.   Looking forward to the Alpha :)

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