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Week In Review (9/4/2015)

Posted by BlueDog , 04 September 2015 · 1,861 views

Week In Review (9/4/2015)

Hello Descenters,


Labor Day weekend is upon us here in the US. This means we are closed this coming Monday. However, that hasn't stopped us from getting the job done this week.

    I mentioned that our good friends at CGBot were working up a new map for us (working title is Mobius). Well, they've already delivered a WIP that looks awesome! I'll be flying around in it later today.
  • The fix for making the ships show up a bit better is in and we've had a chance to test it pretty thoroughly. It has been a big help. That sleek little Wasp is finding it a bit harder to lurk in the shadows.
  • We've implemented the first phase of team play. There will be quite a bit of testing next week on that and I'm sure Mike and Keith will have some cool video to show.
  • We've had more discussion about a new game mode. I can't go into many details now, look for that in an upcoming Design Underground (featuring Rob Irving).
  • Look for a cool new gameplay trailer soon. We shot a ton of footage this week, so it shouldn't be too long before we that is released.


This week, Rob Irving's Design Underground (featuring Rob Irving) had a special guest host (Tyler). The two of them regaled the audience with tales of game profiling and optimization. No doubt a technical discussion but certainly one that is import to game developers and players alike.


Take a look:



The Wingman and Rob shot another Wingman's Hangar this week (as they usually do). Lots of good stuff in this one and I've got a link for you below (as I usually do).



Last, but not least, here's our studios snapshot for the week:



That's it for me this week and I hope all of you have a great weekend.





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