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Week In Review (8/28/2015)

Posted by BlueDog , 28 August 2015 · 3,077 views

Week In Review (8/28/2015)

Hello Fellow Descenters,


Another productive and FUN week. We've added a new map -- Valor II -- to our playtest mix (screen shot to the left). This map is pretty different than Apophis in both art style and gameplay. There's still some set dressing and lighting to do as well, but it's already very playable. (Hat tip to Drakona for grayboxing Valor II)


On top of the new map taking shape:
  • We've implemented a map rotation system. With this, the server will decide the next match when you click "Quick Match". In the future, you'll be able to choose your map and game mode, so view this as just the beginning.
  • We're working with CGBot on another map -- Mobius. So, it looks like we'll have three maps to play in the very near future.
  • In some of our gameplay footage, you may have noticed that the ships are hard to see sometimes. We now have a solution for that and it seems to be working great.
  • The beginnings of the achievement system have taken shape this week. In fact, we presented our ideas to the Advisory Board during Wednesday's meeting, they had some great suggestions, and all that's left now is to code it.
  • We also discovered a pretty big framerate issue and solved it this week. In that vein, the player graphics customization system is almost done.
  • Controller customization is in! We no longer have to manually modify our ini files pre-game. You have access to the controls settings anywhere in the game.
  • Much, much, more, including the design of a new gamemode, weapon tweaking, and more weapons being added (fusion canon, plasma canon, just to name a few)


We're back to providing you with a Studio Snapshot, take a look!



Wingman's Hangar was awesome this week -- a must see! So, I'll make it easy for you...



That's it from me for now.


Have a great weekend!




PS. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and Rob wants you all to subscribe to YouTube so you get the updates about his incredible show Design Underground.

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Week in Review has consistently been my favorite of the blogs.  Super informative.

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Great Work !

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Sexy screenshot :)

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