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Week In Review (7/17/2015)

Posted by BlueDog , 17 July 2015 · 4,848 views

Week In Review (7/17/2015)

Happy Friday, Descenters!


So we finally have almost all of the vertical slice in the game. We've moved on to bug fixing and polish. To that end, we had a big review of the game earlier this week. It generated about 40 issues we want to have fixed by the end of next week. A large number of changes have already been made, so it looks good for the end of next week.


We will have another review next Monday. That will, undoubtedly, generate even more issues but I really doubt anything serious will come out of the review.


Some of the big happenings this week:

  • Jason has the build system working. We kick off a build each night, so we can have a fresh build to play each day. Eventually, we'll have a continuous build system that will generate builds throughout the day.
  • We have multiplayer working now!
  • As you know, each ship has special tools. Well, those were implemented this week and, I have to say, I kind love the Typhoon spinning attack.


How about a Snapshot video?!? Here goes:

  • Drakona flies around the map she grayboxed herself. In the future, we'll provide our graybox "legos" to those of you interested in making levels. We might even have a map making contest soon! Who knows? Your level might make it into the game!
  • Drakona also demonstrates the newly implemented flight mechanics.
  • Lotharbot gives us a critique of what he saw last week and offers some excellent advise.
  • Tyler then shows off the Typhoon spinning attack. Trust me, it is awesome!
  • Next is a first glimpse at the homing missile. It homes alright! In fact, it doesn't give up. Yep, a few tweaks are in order.



We always like to show Wingman's Hangar in this blog. So here it is! In this episode, not only do you get your usual allotment of the Wingman and Designopotamus, you also get to meet Ben Jones of Fugitive Games.


Here's the link to Fugitive Games. Also take a look at there game Into the Stars. Early access for $19.99!



That's it for me this week. Hope all of you enjoy your weekend!





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soo, who do i bug to get the greybox legos for ue4? :)


good stuff! :)

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Give this man 5 stars - excellent write up Phil!


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Jul 19 2015 03:55 PM

these 'legos' should be terrain without texture; if ue4 behaves like CryEngine on a new level, you start with water and when you raise the territory above it, you get these wonderful 'legos'

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That into the Stars game sounds a lot like Battle star. Survivors searching for a new home being pursued enemies (cylons). Still sounds like fun too. 

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