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Week In Review (7/10/2015)

Posted by BlueDog , 10 July 2015 · 7,369 views

Week In Review (7/10/2015) Howdy, Descenters!!

It's been a great week at the Austin office. Drakona, Lotharbot, and Elfindreams have been here all week playtesting and consulting. Drakona and Lotharbot even created a Descent 1 level just for this week and the whole gang has had a blast playing it. In addition to bringing in a D1 level, Drakona and Lotharbot used our "lego" pieces to create a graybox level for DU -- yeah, that's right we put them to work!

Most importantly though, they've shared their knowledge of flight mechanics, maps, and gameplay. It has been an excellent learning experience for all of us.

In this week's snapshot, we have:
  • Wingman reviews some of the latest camo ship patterns. Lots of very interesting ideas from the artists. Some of the patterns are very "natural" looking and others a bit more structured.
  • You also get an interesting view of what happens when the Typhoon does a spinning attack and rolls at the same time -- cool effect!
  • One of our artists (Matt), gives the whole crew a lesson in level building -- which Drakona and Lotharbot used to great effect by grayboxing a DU level.
  • We also get a look at Wingman reviewing some of Dan's awesome music!
  • There's even a BlueDog sighting this week! Dan delivered a ton of sound effects -- which are fantastic -- and I spent some time this week adding them to the game.

Check out the latest -- directly from the Wingman!!

So today is our guests last day visiting us and Wingman decided to take all of us to lunch to enjoy a "uniquely Austin experience". Check the video below to find out where we ended up. :huh:

Do not forget to watch Design Underground (featuring Rob Irving) next Monday. I think he has something special in mind! :D

Have a great weekend everyone!


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Wait, what? Buffet Palace is not just an Austin thing?


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Jul 10 2015 09:43 PM

Thanks for implying I have lots of sex WM.



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Sweet, wish i could have heard Matt's points on level building. :)

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Yep. Dan's got the sound effects AND the music nailed. Knew he would.

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