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Week In Review (7/3/2015)

Posted by BlueDog , 03 July 2015 · 10,977 views

Week In Review (7/3/2015) Happy Friday, Descenters!

It's a short week for the Austin crew (due to July 4th :D), but lots of stuff got done!
  • The office is ready for our visitors next week -- Drakona, Lotharbot, and Elfindreams! There'll will be lots of play testing, map discussions, checking out all the art in progress, and no doubt some back-and-forth regarding game design.
  • Dan Wentz delivered a huge batch of SFX. We've reviewed them all and they are awesome! Check next week for a video with a bunch of SFX included.
  • Jason and Erio had a big breakthrough with flight mechanics. Lots of tinkering still needed to get it just right, but, hey, that's one reason the visiting trio are coming in next week.
  • Almost all of our feature set and art are in for the vertical slice! Just about all that's needed is a bit of polish. We are looking to release some new gameplay footage next week.
Continuing with the new tradition, below is the weekly video snapshot. This week you'll see:
  • Tyler has hooked up the HUD and demo's it in the editor. Gadgets, tools, weapons oh my!!
  • Me, Rob, Eric, and Keith reviewing some of the SFX Dan Wentz created! Very nice work from Dan.
  • Josh gives us a run through of our test level. In the video, the lighting isn't quite finished but you get the idea. Great team work on this level with Rob, Josh, Matt, and Jeff all working on it!
  • You also see us playtesting the first version of the new flight mechanics. The funny part is that the ship could outrun the laser bolts!! Seems like there's some tweaking that needs to be done. But to which? The ship or the bolts?
  • In that last shot, the guys are enjoying some BBQ sent in by a big fan of the game and the team -- Senalaya. Thanks Senalaya, it was awesome!! He also put us over the top for the Shaman stretch goal.

WHERE'S MY WINGMAN'S HANGAR?!? Well, due to the holiday, you'll have to wait until next week for the latest from the Wingman.

How about the Build-A-Bot contest? Below, Keith fills you in on what's next and how you can win an XFX R9 290X graphics card. We have several of these in the machines hear in Austin and they are VERY nice. So join the fun, build a bot, and get in the game!

That's it from me. Have a great weekend.



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faster lasers! but not too much faster

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Void Stalker
Jul 04 2015 06:45 AM

After watching that killer studio snapshot, you guys are going to take the BDSSE crown..  no doublt.  Looks incredible, looks like it flies right, and the visuals are just perfect. Totally perfect. 

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Jul 04 2015 01:26 PM
Happy 4th of July! Enjoy your well deserved time off. :)
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