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Week In Review (6/26/2015)

Posted by BlueDog , 26 June 2015 · 8,869 views

Week In Review (6/26/2015) Happy Friday, Descenters.

That thumbnail to the left is not an official logo, but is something Kaji has been tinkering with and I kind of like it.

In keeping with tradition (well a tradition that kind of started last week ;) ), we have the weekly snapshot video Viewmaster put together.
  • First up, Tyler tells us about the laser grid -- and supplies his own sound effects! What's a laser grid? Well, it's a gadget that you drop behind you as a countermeasure. It can fill a tunnel or large area outside of a tunnel enabling your escape. Any ship that attempts to go through the laser grid will take damage.
  • Next up, you see the placeholder login screen. Since we are building a vertical slice, we want to implement an end-to-end (as much as we can at this point) system. That, of course, includes logging into the game. So this snippet is about logging in and entering your Drone Bay. It works!
  • The third and fourth clips feature Rob Irving, Michael "Smitty" Smith, and Tyler "Would You Like To Use My Controller Scheme, Cuz It's Kinda Kool" Pixley discussing the finer elements of the HUD. In case you were wondering, Smitty is a fantastic UI artist and all around good dude.
  • And finally, Jason talks about some of the physics we put together quickly for the Kickstarter but are revisiting now.

We also had a first this week! We invited folks to watch the Austin team play each other in Descent 1. Oh, by the way, we were so excited to have all of us play, we kind of forgot to turn on sound recording -- oops! The video at the link starts when the sound recording began. http://www.twitch.tv...590148?t=15m34s

As always, Wingman's Hangar runs on Fridays (except next week since it's a holiday). Here's the latest!

Last, with the new store in place, we wanted to generate some traffic to test it out. ;)

So we decided to have a sale this weekend. It will run Friday 6/26/2015 through Sunday 6/28/2015. What, BlueDog, is on sale you ask? How about 15% off the I Did It My Way package?

I Did It My Way includes:
  • One (1) Digital Copy of Descent: Underground.
    • Descent: Underground marks the return of Descent, an icon of 90s PC Gaming.
  • Your choice of Three (3) Ships from the list bellow:
    • The Wasp
    • The Predator
    • The Panzer
    • The Typhoon
    • The Auger
    • The Goliath
  • Descent: Underground Alpha & Beta Access.
  • Special Thanks in the Credits.
  • A Gold Campaign ribbon on the forums.
  • 1,000 Company Scrip.
Now is a great time to fill your Drone Bay with THREE ships of your choosing! Another great benefit is this will push us closer to unlocking the Shaman, Torch, and Warlock!

Last, really this time, we'll have some video of the new map and maybe even a bit of gameplay to show you next week!

Have a great weekend everybody!



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