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Week In Review (5/29/2015)

Posted by BlueDog , 29 May 2015 · 1,875 views

Week In Review (5/29/2015) Happy Friday Descenters,

Lots happened this week:
  • The first Advisory Board meeting. Lots of great discussion about control schemes for various input systems. The Advisory Board also had some excellent insight regarding new player outreach.
  • The last of our ship concepts (Warlock and Auger) have been approved. More shots of them next week.
  • A great meeting on the map construction process. There's lots of moving parts involved in map construction, so we spent some time fine tuning the process.
  • The first round of missile concepts are in and ready for review. You can see those below.
  • We've revised the Panzer special move a bit. More on that next week.
  • We also have a new Drone Bay UI pass to show. See below for that as well.
  • Last, but not least, a new programmer started this week -- Tyler Pixley. Tyler will bring his talents to bear on game systems.
Beyond the bits and pieces of everyday life, we also spend time thinking through longer term plans. Although we can't cover all of it in this blog, I can tell you we've nailed down a big milestone. Our goal is to have a vertical slice of the game by the end of June. The VS will have art that is very close to final -- in some cases final for sure. We should also have most of the core game-play systems in by then -- at least in a playable state.

Our VS plan:
  • 3 ships and one special for each ship. The ships: Panzer, Typhoon, and Wasp
  • Introductory mining
  • Our first map. This map is designed for 4 v 4.
  • Ship HUD will be complete (with the exception of a VR version)
  • One match type. The match, which we are temporarily calling "Blow the Core", will be a team based match type. The goal for each team will be number of kills and a team can end the match by destroying the Reactor.
  • SFX for everything in the VS
  • Probably a first look at some music
  • Some first pass weapons: Lasers (with multiple levels), Missiles (homing and concussion), gadgets (laser grid)
  • VFX. Lots of hits and explosions.
We will, of course, show you guys the gameplay as it comes online. We are also planning on inviting people into the office to playtest with us -- more on that later.

As I mentioned above, we've started building the art for the various missiles in the game. Below are some early concepts. Let us know which you like.

Posted Image

There's quite a bit of UI for the Drone Bay. Below is a view of the main UI. All is in-progress and nothing is final, so let us know what you think.

Posted Image


Did you see Wingman's Hangout? Nope? Here it is. Wingman talks to Impeller Studios. They've got a Kickstarter going and it looks awesome. Check it out.

Early development and planning is often kind of tiresome, but now we are in full blown development mode and it becomes more and more fun with every passing day. We are glad to have you along for the ride and will always share (probably over-share) as we go.

Hey, last chance (almost) to get a discount price for The Underground membership. It goes up on Monday to it's full price of $99. Better hurry!

As always you can get the latest information by subscribing on Facebook & Twitter, and joining us on our TwitchTV channel.

Have a great weekend,


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Very nice work Phil.


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May 29 2015 10:48 PM

Drone bay... is that like a guide bot?

Hated that...

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Nah it's a drone bay (think hangar bay). It is a place for you to park your drones (ships). The ship pictured in that drone bay is a Torch KS precursor to the beloved Pyro and oddly the description is for a predator which is not pictured.

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Definitely starting to come together, and very much looking Descent-y already...though a little disappointed the fonts for drone bay display isn't using, y'know, the font previous Descent games have used for that sort of thing...


I like the middle homing missile the best. It's got enough of a point to it that it looks like an actual missile rather than a white-washed lightsaber reject (far right), but it's not so pointy that it looks like it's going to poke your eye out just from looking at it (far left).

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The pace at which this project progresses is unreal (see what I did there?). Amazing what you can do even with a small team if you focus on actually developing the game instead of coming up with new ideas how to reach into your backer's pockets.


I like the third light saber best.

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#2 or #3 for missile is best in my opinion , the hud in the Drone Bay is awesome :)

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