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Launcher Update, Bugs, & Upcoming Priorities

Posted by dunkelza , 22 June 2016 · 2,138 views

Launcher Update, Bugs, & Upcoming Priorities

  • We updated the launcher to work better with non-Latin characters to fix some crashes.
  • We are working hard on a new patch, but we're wrestling with a bug in Unreal Engine 4.12.2.
    • VR is only accepting controls from XInput gamepads at this time because of an earlier engine bug. UE 4.12.2 was expected to fix this bug, but it introduced other major bugs.
    • Next patch will include online co-op play in Vs. Bots mode, two ships, and more!
  • We sat down today with our Advisory Board to help us prioritize a massive list of user-requested quality-of-life improvements.

Launcher Update
We had some users who reported launcher problems. One of our dedicated players, Hunter, helped trace it to using Windows in a language that uses non-Latin characters, such as Korean or Russian. Our awesome backend guy Elfindreams dug into it and:
  • When in standalone mode on a non-EU, non-US version of Windows or with the code page set to a non-EU, non-US language fixes an infinite loop on launcher start and potential problems with self-update.
Thanks for the help, Hunter! Enjoy the Bug Hunter badge we've awarded your forum account at DescentUnderground.com!


New Patch & Engine Bug
We've had our noses to the proverbial grindstone for the last month or so working on a new patch for everyone (Production). It includes a way to play Vs. Bots mode with other people online, two new ships- Warlock & Goliath, and a host of other improvements.
Another big area we've been working on for you is fixing a number of significant VR issues that cropped up in Unreal Engine 4.11. That's why a lot of VR users have been experiencing crashes and controller problems. Epic (makers of Unreal Engine) released a major engine update that included fixes for some of those VR issues, so we upgraded to UE 4.12.2.
Unfortunately, that broke a number of key features of the game- like shooting lasers! Our programmers have been battling this bug day-and-night and we hope to have a new build out to all of you soon.


Upcoming Priorities
We sat down with our Advisory Board today to go through a gigantic list of user-requested improvements. Here's the list of our top ten priorities for our next quality-of-life patch:

  • Game, general - Improve “bullet hell” gameplay. More dodging, weapons "fill space".
    • Weapons - Rebalance
    • Weapons – Vulcan: Improve
  • UI - Control Configuration: Improve
  • Game modes - Game types need to have single victory based upon what it is named, and not points. Capture the core needs to be about the core being captured. Anarchy about kills.
  • Ships - IFF indicator & Sound/Notification for shooting friendlies
  • Game, general - Framerate limiter when in a menu
  • Loading Screens - We should put a splash screen up while the main menu (and maps) is loading. It can take a long time with just a black screen
  • Launcher - Launcher needs to look more like our website in style and have a voice or music playing
  • UI - Menus: Improve consistency - example: back button changes location and label on different screens, making harder to use.
  • UI - Make overall UI design pattern and guide, apply everywhere.
  • UI – Cockpit: Option for all users
We have a much, much larger list than this. However, these are some of items we are going to focus on first. These improvements should be appearing over the next few patches.


Thank you so much for your support and participation!


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Fly safe,




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