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Most Valuable Post & Warrior of the Week for June 11, 2016

Posted by dunkelza , 11 June 2016 · 2,899 views

Most Valuable Post & Warrior of the Week for June 11, 2016

Hi there, rock jocks!
We're honoring Jobode this week, but not for the usual reason!
He discovered and reported a potential exploit to the leaderboards that we are now working to fix.


Helpful Jobode receives a Bug Hunter award on his DescentUnderground.com forum account!
Warrior of the Week will return as soon as we get this fixed up, so be sure to play early and play often to climb the leaderboards and become our next Warrior of the Week!


Most Valuable Post
Flufball started a post to solicit practice tips from top pilots, helping to improve their own skills and that of other pilots in the community!

Congratulations, Flufball!!!!!!!
Enjoy the MVP forum badge that will appear on your DescentUnderground.com forum account!


Our MVP award is given to forum members who actively contribute to making Descent: Underground a better experience for us all!
If you don't yet have a Descendent Studios account, you can link your Steam account to enjoy the benefits of both sites with ease!
You will also receive a shout out on our Facebook and Twitter pages.
Everyone else, remember: Our MVP badge is awarded to a member of our forums who has supported the game in a positive way (creativity is encouraged!).
Our great moderation team picks a member each week who goes above and beyond.
Get to posting!


Until next time, fly safe!

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