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REN News: Mineral Sports Fans Rioting In Novy-Moskva

Posted by dunkelza , 01 March 2015 · 1,379 views

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Mineral Sports Fans Rioting In Novy-Moskva
Originally Broadcast February 19, 2258 at 01:00 GMT

“This just in- REN News is getting reports of widespread unrest in the Aktigos capital of Novy-Moskva. We go now live to Sandy Khoeun who’s on the scene.”

A young journalist half-wearing a gas mask stands in the middle of a refuse-littered boulevard. Behind her, smoke billows from a spindly stone tower.

“Hi, Hamako. Can you hear me? I’m standing in the arco’s west campus, a working-class neighborhood of tenements and shops just outside of the arcology proper. Behind me, you can see this ancient tower. Most of the original structure collapsed in an earthquake back in the 21st Century, but the city fathers rebuilt this one minaret as an historic landmark and museum.”

“We can see the building, Sandy. Why is it smoking? What happened there?”

“As you probably know, earlier tonight the Russian-speaking CPIA team Red Legion qualified for the Knockout round of the Sky Cup after absolutely crushing Divine Tsunami and Rodeo Clowns in a three-match shutout. Local fans poured out into the streets to celebrate.”

“So this is all just a wild party?”

“Sadly, no. This neighborhood is dominantly Persian, and the Red Legion fans’ carousing offended many residents. Some families called for policing services, but the police here are overworked and underpaid according to one officer we talked to.”

A crimson banner unfurls from the top of the tower, blowing slightly in the night breeze.

“Sandy, what it is that flag behind you?”

“Let me look… oh, that is the Red Legion’s standard. After police contractors finally arrived to clear the streets, a number of fans broke into the old tower to continue their celebration. Barricading the doors against police, they’ve been holed up in there for about an hour now. A number of the Persian men in the neighborhood reacted very angrily- those I’ve spoken to say that the museum is culturally important and that Russian fans are disrespecting their heritage by drinking alcohol inside.”

“So why is the building smoking? I can see police lights around the base, but there is too much smoke for me to see what’s happening.”

“Down at the base of the tower, that’s actually tear gas. Angry locals tried to storm the tower to kick out the drunken fans, and police had to disperse the crowds with tear gas. That’s why I’ve got this mask on. We were down there until just a few minutes ago. Nobody’s really sure what’s causing the smoke from inside, though one local man expressed concern that the Red Legion fans could be burning a collection of Striking Scimitars memorabilia. You might remember that they took second place in the 2247 Sky Cup. Apparently some of the team’s pennants and relics are housed in that museum.”

“That would be a terrible loss.”

“Absolutely. It seems like… wait. What is that? Derek, spin the drone around!” A flight of three squat military-style vehicles flies down the street just above the rooftops. “Can you see those, Hamako? Those are Aktigos armored personnel transports- ‘APTs’ for short. They’re basically flying tanks for carrying soldiers.”

“We see them Sandy. What are they doing?”

“It looks like they are… yes, they are hovering around the top of the tower. I’m betting that a… yes, there are soldiers jump-jetting out of them. It looks like one team is setting down on the tower’s balcony. I think the others are taking up positions on nearby rooftops.”

“Can you see what the team on the tower is doing?”

“Not clearly from here, but we’re sending our second drone over to look.” The screen switches to an aerial vantage point that rapidly closes in on the minaret. “Two of the soldiers just busted open the door at the top of the tower. A third threw a pair of what I think are grenades or gas canisters into the opening. I’m not seeing any explosion or flash, so they’re probably gas. The soldiers might be trying to flush out the fans. Oh wait, Hamako, something’s happening right here.”

The screen flips back to the reporter. Three police officers are pushing her away from the action, giving orders in curt tones.

“What’s going on, Sandy? Why are the police pushing you away?”

“We are being told to get further back for our own safety. I asked what the danger was and they weren’t very specific. That’s usually a sign that things are about to get ugly and they don’t want witnesses.”

“Okay. Thank you, Sandy. Do what you need to do to keep your team safe. We’ll check back in with you in a little bit… Next up, after the break- doctors in the Titan Isles claim to have discovered the reason why so many more young couples are finding themselves with empty nests. It’s not what you think!”

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Special thanks to Groundhound for the Titan Isles.

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Ohhhh     nice news cast, which means that things have not changed that much at all LOL..

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good stuff dunkelza :) life, life never changes. :)

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