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YúMoney Financial Headlines for Wednesday, February 9, 2298

Posted by dunkelza , 10 February 2015 · 4,487 views

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A quick update on markets shows the Reyex ending the day at 34,108.26, down 1.4% from yesterday’s three-month high. Analysts believe the dip was driven by investors profit-taking in advance of next week’s monthly population report. Social media giant Blurt climbed 2.41 points today on word that rival Allme was experiencing a management shakeup. Allme fell 3.25 points on the rumors. Spacecraft design firm Kurbul rose 12% on news that Parthenorbital was entering talks to acquire the Lahore-based developers of the popular Direhawk mining drone.

In commodities, synthetic petroleum futures plummeted another 2.3 points after NEXOil announced the opening of a new plant near the Mbandaka arco in the West Congo EOZ. Blue Water is up 0.3 points, but Green is down 0.2 on news that Lanzgrow’s Kriswasser division will begin mass-marketing a new home water reclamation unit. Aluminum is up 0.12 points, but iron and gold both fell about 2% because a new dump mine in the Atlanta arco campus is expected to yield considerable stocks of electronics and railroad waste.

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Yesterday, Chengchao and Xorn officials unveiled a joint research project aimed at improving the efficiency of spaceborn nanofactories like those used on compound harvesters. The announcement comes on the 45th anniversary of the tragic L5 Attack, when terrorists opposed to space exploration rammed a void barge into humanity’s largest space shipyard. Executives from the two companies showcased a new memorial garden outside the joint research facility. The garden’s 3,183 tulips honor workers killed in the attack.

Representatives of the world’s twelve largest megacorporations, the so-called “gigacorps”, are scheduled to meet tomorrow in the Brux-Nouvelles arco for a joint economic summit. Executives are expected to discuss possible solutions to the growing problem of failed states and their impact on the world economy. While en route to the summit, Torchlight CEO Aileen Hernandez Blurted that “private-public partnerships worked very well in North America” and that she planned to propose expanding such programs worldwide.

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In sports-related business news, CPIA announced that they will cease Ensense broadcasts of mineral sports matches after this year’s Sky Cup. Though the full-immersion sensory experience is popular for other forms of entertainment, sports fans generally reported that riding along in pilots’ bodies was less exciting than hoped. Last year’s test-marketing of a new drone feedback system proved painfully unpleasant to consumers, so plans for a larger rollout were quickly shelved. With CPIA’s Ensense broadcast sales reportedly down 30% from last year, today's announcement was widely anticipated by analysts.

Finally today, bad news for lovers of sweets and alcoholic beverages. Officials in the São Paulo EOZ are predicting a 15% reduction in sugarcane production this year, largely due to rainwater contamination related to the ongoing Quatro Barras dump mine fire. Located in one of the world’s few remaining wet regions, the São Paulo zone accounts for 24% of global sugar production. Sugar futures are expected to climb sharply after tomorrow’s opening bell.

Check in tomorrow for more YúMoney Financial Headlines. For YúMoney News, I'm Hiro Nambeesan.
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Special thanks to Renegade-Shank (Water Reclamation Units), Elfindreams (Liberete), Gynkoba (Henley & Xorn), Groundhound (Corporate metrics), Nelson (Torchlight), and probably a bunch of other people I accidentally forgot to mention.

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