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Community Campfire #24

Posted by dunkelza , 13 October 2015 · 2,725 views

Community Campfire #24

Hey there, Rock Jocks!


Whew! What a ride these last couple of weeks have been!


Thousands of you jumped in the game and helped us test some of the critical systems. We're not yet onto the full game balance work yet, because we need to get the rest of the ships, weapons, tools, and gadgets into the game.


Speaking of which, we're going to be sticking the Predator back into Proving Grounds for the time being. Its animations and special move aren't working yet, and even without those it's clear we need some more time to balance the little beasty before it sees prime time.


Undergrounder or no, we need your help to continue testing our bug fixes and server settings. We're also planning another server stress test soon... maybe this time with BETA backers!


Oh, in case you missed Rob Irving's Design: Underground, starring Rob Irving:



In other news, we've been talking for awhile about how we're planning to bring Descent: Underground to Steam Early Access (SEA). We're getting closer to being ready to do so. Our plan is to make sure that all of our backers have access to our pre-alpha (here and/or on Steam) before we make it available to the world at large. If you've already redeemed a game package on your account, you've probably noticed the "Coming Soon" message on the Steam Key button- that will light up soon!


We're still going to keep our iterative test plan of sending new features to Proving Grounds, then to Alpha, then Beta, and finally to our SEA "Production" environment. Those of you with testing-level access will still get to try out the cool, new stuff first!


In the coming days, we plan to take the Stretch Goal counter down from our front page. Your friends will still be able to join up and get the game on our site if they'd like, even after we head out to SEA. However...


The Torch will be locked in on the day we go public on Steam. That means that only folks who've pledged here before then will get that particular style of dueling ship. We're going to have a statistically-equivalent duelist, but it's just not going to look as cool as the Torch- just sayin'. So all of you early supporters will get a Torch token added to each of your game packages. It's not ready in-game yet, but if you want a Torch, or know someone who might- now's the time to grab a game package.


Finally, I want to congratulate our T-Shirt Contest winners- Beetleface, LotharBot, Louhikarme, PyroJockey, and Xyphon!


Each one of them grabbed a great photo with one of our t-shirts and shared it on social media!


That's all for now, but BE SURE you are following our Facebook & Twitter, plus all of our Release Notes blogs so that you always have the most up-to-date news. There will be a lot in the coming weeks and we don't want you to miss anything!


Fly safe!



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awesome!  Thanks guys!  Will the packages show up in our client areas, or do we have to collect them?

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I thank you, and Homer thanks you.


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thank you! :)

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awesome!  Thanks guys!  Will the packages show up in our client areas, or do we have to collect them?


They should show up in your client area soon!

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cant wait for it to open up on steams market ^.^

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