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Community Campfire #23

Posted by dunkelza , 29 September 2015 · 2,291 views

Community Campfire #23

Howdy Descenters!


I apologize for the brevity of my "blog" today.


I've been spending a lot of time testing, testing, testing- not to mention writing release notes and instructions.




Because the day of Proving Grounds shall be a day out of legend!


...but that day is not today. :(


Attached Image: 20150929-BlogDunk-AccessDenied.PNG


Clearly, we still have a bug.


*Smash!* *Smash!* *Smash!* Die bug!




If you have Proving Grounds as part of your crowdfunding rewards, or if you are a member of The Underground-


KEEP WATCHING this site!



We will let you know the moment that Proving Grounds is live for you to playtest!


Until then, fly safe!



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Its broken!  Fix it! Fix it! Fix it!

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Ahh the friendly message of "access denied" :) usually at that point I add administrator rights. ;)
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At least its not Error 404 :P 

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Oh Dam Lou I did and still nothing :(     Oh Wait is this an Alpha release?   lol    Keep at it Guys and get a bigger hammer lol

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's ok man.  From what I've seen in videos and posts, you guys are really givin it yer all.  I was hesitant to put my money down, but i'm on board now.  You guys seem genuine.  Plus, I like the realistic goals of this game -vs- the pie in the verse game.  I was soooo close to giving them my money too.

Don't get me wrong, I would love to see that game succeed.  I'm just skeptical.  I played ED and don't anymore.  The novelty wore off pretty quick for me.

This game however.....

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