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Community Campfire #19

Posted by dunkelza , 01 September 2015 · 2,753 views

Community Campfire #19

Happy Tuesday, Rock Jocks!


Things are chugging along here in the mines. If you missed Design: Underground yesterday, it's worth checking out- we're getting much better performance from mid-range video cards!


We had a bit of a scare last week when we found out that Drillsey's cousin, Mailsey, had malfunctioned and not all of the shirts went out in the first wave. We've since sent out most of those shirts and we expect the rest to go out this week.


We're very sorry about the mix-up! Mailsey has been appropriately beaten with a hammer repaired and placed into service far away from the t-shirts.


Speaking of shirts...




Throughout September, you can enter our end of summer T-Shirt contest to win free copies of the game for yourself or a friend!


Snap a pic of you and/or some friends wearing one of our shirts for a chance to win!


We have a lot of cool categories, check out the rules for more info- and submit your pictures!




All summer long, we've been asking you to help design a bot for the game in our Build-A-Bot Contest...


This week, we've wrapped up Stage 4 of the Art Path!


We got some super awesome skins for the flamethrower boss bot and the devs had a really, REALLY hard time picking a winner!


Seriously- we had to call in reinforcements to break the tie.









Attached Image: 20150901-BAB-Louhikarme_Bot.PNG



Congratulations also to our runners-up, Angry Peas and Pleasure!


This leaves us with only ONE stage to go as we determine which member of our community will walk away with an AMD 290X Video Card!


The points are awfully close, so it's anyone's game as we close in on the end of Build-A-Bot!


We'll be announcing the details of Stage 4 Design on Wingman's Hangar this Friday at 11:00am Central (US) time, so be sure to tune in to our Twitch channel for the lowdown on the exciting FINAL stage!




That's it for now, fly safe!



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Whoa! I'm stunned. Thank you! Though thanks goes to all who've gave ideas in chat and forum. :) Such a tease to next stage though. :)
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Just for the record there had to be a tie breaking vote - Pixley broke the tie.


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Just for the record there had to be a tie breaking vote - Pixley broke the tie.




this one? ;)


ok.. i'll get my coat, my jokes are bad. :D

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