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Community Campfire #18

Posted by dunkelza , 26 August 2015 · 2,705 views

Community Campfire #18

Hey there Rock Jocks!


Lots of busy-busy here in the mines over the past week!


In case you missed it, we caught a ginormous bug in the website this past weekend that made us seem a lot less welcoming than we wanted. Thankfully, the web team was able to stomp it. If you know someone that had trouble registering, please extend my personal apology for the trouble- that's not how we wanted the site to work!


Tomorrow, we're meeting with the Advisory Board and we're going to test out another iteration of the "Angel Food" vertical slice as we march towards Proving Grounds and more backers getting their first tastes of Descent: Underground!


Also, now that shirts are in the mail (and some have arrived!) we are going to have a contest!


T-Shirt Contest


The short version:
Snap a picture of someone (including yourself) wearing one of our t-shirts and share the photo with our community. You could win stuff!


The long version:
Submit pictures to this thread: http://descendentstu...ontest-entries/
We encourage you to also share your photo on social media- #DescentOutfit


We will be awarding prizes in the following categories:

  • Photo showing a person wearing a Descent: Underground shirt (random drawing)
  • Photo showing a person wearing a Descendent Studios shirt (random drawing)
  • Photo showing a person wearing a Ships That Fight Underground shirt (random drawing)
  • Most people wearing all the same style of our shirts (D:U, DS, or STFU) in one photo - Group prize
  • Most people wearing any of our shirts in one photo - Group prize
  • Coolest place to wear one of our shirts (must include someone wearing it)
  • Funniest inanimate object wearing one of our shirts
  • Most representative of the spirit of the Descent games (must include someone wearing one of our shirts)
Please keep your entries workplace appropriate, safe, and legal- Entries showing a person in an unsafe location or engaged in trespassing or other illegal or inappropriate activity are subject to removal and disqualification.


The contest will run through noon CDT on September 30, 2015 and entries will be judged by the Descendent Studios team.


Oh... You want prizes?
The adoration of the masses isn't enough? Okay...


How about an Enlist Now game package... for everyone in a winning photo who's wearing one of our shirts!


Plus, if the original poster included a link showing that they shared it on social media with the hashtag #DescentOutfit, we'll upgrade the original poster's prize to a 2316 Sky Cup Edition!


Oh, speaking of contests...





We are getting close to the end of our Build-A-Bot contest, in which YOU have a chance to contribute a bot that goes into Descent: Underground!


We're still taking entries in Stage 4 of our Art Path for one more week, so you have through this upcoming weekend to submit your skin for the bot!


Remember, the ultimate winner of Build-A-Bot wins an AMD 290X video card! Ultimate victory is based on constructive participation as well as successful submissions, so get on our forums and give helpful feedback!


Soon, the final stage will begin: Design Stage 4...


Keep your eyes peeled!


...and now... the Lore Monster rears its head:



Special thanks to Sliver for adding CS to the world of Descent: Underground!


Attached Image: Colonial Sugar Logo - Player Idea.png


Reyex: CS
Close: 2958.06 1MO: -1.21 6MO: +1.78


Though now famous for their “`Ava Go!” advertisements featuring khaki-clad workers building everything from refugee housing to space stations, CS is actually one of the oldest companies on the Security Council. Founded during the age of wind-powered sailing ships, CS was originally chartered as “Colonial Sugar” and tasked to build and manage sugar plantations for the former British Empire.


After a chance 1866 gold find near Gympie in what is now the Queensland EOZ, Colonial Sugar used the newfound resources to expand into shipping, rail transportation, and coal mining. The firm leveraged these into a dominance of general merchandise through the interior of the Australian continent. Furthermore, by 1900, Colonial Sugar had begun producing steel, structural iron, and concrete for export throughout the regions of Southeast Asia and Oceania.


Though the company fell on hard times in the early 21st Century, wise financial management enabled the firm, renamed “CS”, to acquire several advanced materials patents between 2032 and 2051. CS employed these to become a market leader in structural components and aerospace materials. A major investor in the Yú Networks, CS also runs some of humanity’s largest aeroponics equipment and construction concerns.


While helping to found the United Corporations' Security Council, CS built the "Capricorn" Zodiac Station, justly famous for its tropical gardens. CS managers often wear lightweight versions of the traditional black or blue business suit. Blue-collar workers typically wear khaki attire appropriate to their jobs, though contrary to the firm’s marketing few actually don slouch hats. Investors value CS stock as a balanced mix of long-term stability and periods of rapid growth.


{LIBERETE NODE D982:D2C3:F0A4:EE13-BA84:9762:00F0:C231 ONLINE AT 23150715.025241.B}


{OpusMagnor 23150715.025241.B} Here’s yet another of those gigacorp profiles: {((FILE ATTACH))} I can’t seem to find anything about their use of “indentured” labor, either historically or in their outlands. {EOP}


{WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot 23150715.030834.Z} They might not be a friend of the People, but they’re far from the worst. Then again, they did compost about a billion kilos of food last year to keep prices high. {EOC}


{Juanina 23150715.033517.R} That’s nothing compared to waste from their dump mines in the Bolivar EOZ, etc.! They’ve made millions of hectares of land and sea totally hostile to life! {EOC}


{KoenigKapa 23150715.041209.B} At least they’ve started cleaning up some of those. Don’t buy that “green” hype, though- it took that suit from Chengchao in the UC courts to force their hand. {EOC}




That's all for this week.


Until next time, fly safe!



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Nice lore.


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Nice logo for the lore, too. Very future nostalgic.

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