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Community Campfire #17

Posted by dunkelza , 19 August 2015 · 2,800 views

Community Campfire #17

"`Twas the blog after Monday and all down the street,
all the workers were hustling and bustling to eat.

I sat at a table, my order to place,
When a brilliant reflection made me cover my face.

Then what to my wondering eyes did appear?
But a mini Goliath, and not one single beer..."


No, I didn't really go out to lunch, nor did a miniature Goliath appear floating above my table...

But isn't that picture awesome? I can't wait to turn ore into ammo!



All but a handful of our t-shirt pledges have been sent out!

The rest should be going out tomorrow, which is fantastic- lots of thanks to Winglet for his hard work on those.


We are about to announce some fun contests involving pictures of people dressed for Descent: Underground, rocking our gear. While I'd love to send the winners a giant gold-plated ship model, that's not in the budget.

So what do you think would be a good prize? Maybe some giftable ship tokens? Maybe a tricked-out game package?

What do you think?


Website Changes

Some of you might have already noticed some slight changes in the way your account looks...

We're going to ask Elfindreams to swing by and explain the changes (and their awesomeness) later in the week.

This is huge, because it paves the way for...


Proving Grounds

We are ramping up our playtesting very soon, with a pre-alpha build heading out to our Proving Grounds and Underground backers in the next few weeks!

There are still a few technical checkpoints to cross, but we're closing in...

Keep your eyes peeled, because once the first Proving Grounds build drops, we suspect there might be some Twitch streams and YouTube videos popping up out there in the Intarwebz!



We are closing in on the end of the Build-A-Bot competition and the awarding of the AMD 290X video card!

Stage 3 of the Design Path has ended, but we are keeping the winner close to our vest right now.


Because we need to get the bot model skinned in Stage 4 of the Art Path before we can start the final stage of the game...

So get your bot textures entered and rack up those points, because the game is afoot!

Alrighty folks, until next time- fly safe!


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Sergeant Thorne
Aug 19 2015 03:12 PM

Just wanted to pass along a little feedback from my little brother.  He says that your backdrop on that image makes this look like some sort of "special briefcase".  Now that I think about it it does make it look diminutive to have it sitting on a table outside.

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good catch, bro. that is 2 cars and a building, correct? Too much oxygen available for it to be D:U envirnment. Oh, I know: down by the reactor core, perhaps? :D
Thx for the latest campfire, dunk :)

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Yeah, the Goliath is actually something like 24 feet across, so it's roughly the size of four U-Haul trucks stacked 2x2.


I'm not sure why the art guy decided to render it hovering over a table...


The unusual backdrop is what inspired my horrible mangling of the poetic form. :)

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