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Community Campfire #14

Posted by dunkelza , 29 July 2015 · 3,275 views

Community Campfire #14

Hey there, Descenters!


This week is already a whirlwind...
...and it's only Wednesday!


Lots of news for you- so let's just jump right in!





We are having another livestream on our Twitch channel this Thursday, starting at 5:00pm CDT (2100 UTC)!


Why is this livestream worthy of not one, but FOUR exclamation points?


Because this stream will feature the devs actually playing the freshest build of the "Angel Food" vertical slice of the game!

Plus we might have some special guests in the game, too!


So crank up your web browser and head over to http://www.twitch.tv/descendentstudios on Thursday for the action and the updates!


See? Four exclamation points. ;)






We've been talking about how the old Kickstarter-era rewards are going away for awhile now. This Thursday, they are departing forever!


Shortly before the Livestream, we will remove the current packages from the pledge store and replace them with the new "Pre-Release Era" rewards and the a la carte add-ons.


This means that Thursday is your last chance to pledge for a package that can opt into the exclusive Kickstarter-era "Invasion Stripes" ship skin pack. This skin pack will fit all of the ships in the retail release!



2315 Invasion Stripes Ship Skin


This pack celebrates those who were the vanguard- first in the fight to bring back Descent! It is free for any Kickstarter-era game packages pledged for by folks who backed during our Kickstarter. It is just $15 (half our expected retail price for skin packs!) for any Kickstarter-era game packages pledged after the end of the Kickstarter.


Only Kickstarter-era game packages can get this skin pack.


In addition, all of our Kickstarter-era game packages will receive a complimentary "Ravener" skin pack!



2316 Ravener Ship Skin Pack




The Ravener skin pack is available to Pre-Release packages for an additional pledge, but it will not be available after the retail release next spring.




{LIBERETE NODE 09AE:B11D:1B0D:C29D-0A43:C2B8:D221:01A6 ONLINE AT 23150728.033411.Z}




{Wrenched 23150728.033411.Z} I finally got a spaceside job and the greasemonkeys keep telling me that something called "Raveners" will eat me if I'm not careful. I can't believe these guys think I'm that gullible! {EOP}




{DarkBunyip 23150728.034524.H} Yeah, the Raveners are just a legend, mate. Whenever a harvester goes missing, people whisper about roving scavengers that carried it off to hell. {EOC}




{MrSmith23 23150728.041425.S} Sorry to burst your bubble, DarkBunyon, but the Raveners are real. Back before compound harvesters were standard, the corporations used to station people out in the asteroid belt on long term assignments. Some of those corporations went bankrupt, stranding the crews. They started scavenging to survive. {EOC}




{DarkBunyip 23150728.041425.H} Seriously, mate? There's no way some bunch of random bogans could've survived out in the Belt for what, fifty years? Sixty? The Raveners are totally made up. The corporations blame them to explain away shoddy manufacturing and equipment failures. {EOC}






As a final note, the departure of Kickstarter-era rewards means that all of the multipack pledges will be going away. While you'll still be able to pledge for multiple game packages (and soon be able to gift the extras), none of those will come with add-ons like Beta or Alpha access. Those will be separate pledges at a higher per-package price.






We've selected a winner for Stage 2 of the Design contest!










Your backstory will drive the lore for the bot in the game!
Congratulations also to Groundhound and Whiteshark, our runners-up!


Stage 3 of the Design Path starts NOW, so go submit your ideas today!


In addition...


We are getting ready for Stage 4 of the Art Path, so start thinking about textures and paint jobs!


Remember, whoever gets the most points from participation, entries, and victories will will an AMD 290X Video Card!


So get all the info about Build-A-Bot and jump in today!



Until next time, fly safe!



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