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Visitors, Ahoy!

Posted by dunkelza , 16 July 2015 · 5,191 views

Visitors, Ahoy!

Today we had a nice visit from a couple of our Undergrounder supporters who happened to be in town...


...and they got to fly around in for a little bit in the current work-in-progress of the "Devil's Food" vertical slice!


They also got to see Pixley's ship doing cartwheels or something when he was testing out some new feature implementations- more on that later.


Here's a picture of our guests, Bitwise and Xyphon, with Designapotamus, Stormwind, and Pixley:


Attached Image: 20150715-Blog-VisitXyBit4.JPG



Then, as is our tradition... we put them to work!


Xyphon and Bitwise flew through Drakona's "Valor" map to test the flight controls:


Attached Image: 20150715-Blog-VisitXyBit.JPG



Then both of them checked out the details in our "Apophis" test map:


Attached Image: 20150715-Blog-VisitXyBit2.JPG



Afterwards, the guys moved on to testing out various systems, like lasers and mining...


Attached Image: 20150715-Blog-VisitXyBit3.JPG



...and discovered that someone had forgotten to give the Wasp's mining laser a power level. Oops!



Our visitors reported their feedback to Wingman:


Attached Image: 20150715-Blog-VisitXyBit5.JPG



Then, just as our guests were packing up, Stormwind announced that he and Pixley had solved some issues with the netcode and everyone got to see the two of them facing each other down in a network game!


Then Pixley's ship started doing some kind of disco spin...



It was so great to have Xyphon and Bitwise stop by and I want to thank them for scheduling a time with us in advance.


Because we're such a small, focused team, it's very important for us to be able to plan ahead for visits. We love sharing our work with you and it takes time to get set up for these demos- computers have to be moved, files updated, cables run, etc.


I'm not sure when our next window for visits will be (I hope soon!); but, if you want to schedule a visit, please send me a PM via our forums.


Also, don't forget that this Friday Wingman's Hangar is streaming LIVE from the Celestial Citadel (well, Viewmaster's studio...) so be sure to tune in at 11am CDT (1600 UTC) on our Twitch channel:




Thanks for being awesome!


Fly safe,



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Thanks for letting me come over and visit.

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Thank you for coming by!

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Nice to put a face to a name, very good of you to drop in on the guys and thanks for your contribution. 

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Thank you for letting us stop by for a visit. It was great meeting the team and seeing how much progress has been made in such a short amount of time. 

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