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Community Campfire #12

Posted by dunkelza , 14 July 2015 · 5,247 views

Community Campfire #12

Hiya folks!


Things are a BLUR here at Descendent Studios!


← Isn't this WWII-themed ship skin concept cool? Slap a olive green or desert tan paint job on the hull and...


Sorry... Back to the blog...


The game dev team is putting finishing touches on what I call the "Devil's Food" vertical slice (slice, cake... get it?). We are testing the living daylights out of that to determine what we need to add/improve for the next iteration- "Angel Food", anyone?


Aside from general curiosity, why is that super significant?


Because we are hoping to put "Angel Food" or its successor in front of our Proving Grounds backers in August- that's next month!


Speaking of Proving Grounds, we need more pre-alpha testers to help us get the game ready faster. We are in the process of figuring out how best to expand the number of testers in the Proving Grounds (pre-alpha) while honoring those backers whose reward packages already include Proving Grounds. There's a thread in the forums talking about some ideas- your feedback helps!





After some earlier issues finding reliable screenprinters, we've found a great local team to work with and expect to have our first batch of shirts in-hand soon!


We plan to begin shipping those out to folks who've already pledged for them in the next few weeks.


Those who pledged for a shirt- please check your store information to make sure that your address is a valid shipping address.


You can also check the size chart to see if you picked the correct size:



Posted Image

A - Width, B - Height, C - Sleeve Center Back

SM18" (45.7 cm)28" (71.1 cm)15.6" (39.7 cm)
MD20" (50.8 cm)29" (73.6 cm)17.0" (43.2 cm)
LG22" (55.9 cm)30" (76.2 cm)18.5" (47.0 cm)
XL24" (61.0 cm)31" (78.7 cm)20.0" (50.8 cm)
2XL26" (66.0 cm)32" (81.3 cm)21.5" (54.6 cm)
3XL28" (71.1 cm)33" (83.8 cm)22.9" (58.2 cm)
4XL30" (76.2 cm)34" (86.4 cm)24.3" (61.7 cm)
5XL32" (81.3 cm)35" (88.9 cm)25.4" (64.5 cm)


If you need to change your address or size, please file a support ticket here so we can update our information.





Semi-finalist voting for Stage 2 of the Design Path has begun!


Next week, the top vote-getters will advance to a Finalist round of voting, and the top three will be placed before the devs to pick a Stage 2 Design winner.


We are also accepting entries in Stage 3 of the Art Path, where are looking for a highly-detailed 3D model based on the 3D concept provided.



If you know some talented folks who should be participating, there's no time like NOW to get them involved!


Be sure to check out all the info on our Build-A-Bot competion, where YOU have a chance to design a scary boss bot for Descent: Underground!


We award points for entries, constructive feedback, and being in the top tier of a stage.


Remember! The top point-earner over the entire contest wins an AMD 290X video card!


Alrighty folks, until next time...


Fly safe,



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