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Community Campfire #10

Posted by dunkelza , 30 June 2015 · 8,874 views

Community Campfire #10 Hiya everyone!

We have lots of juggling balls in the air this week in the Descendent Studios community office!

From our ongoing Build-A-Bot contest, through office visits and a design meeting livestream, to the big changes in our store and getting ready to show off the Vertical Slice to the world...


Attached Image: ArtEntries-Stage2.png

Our Build-A-Bot contest, where YOU have the chance to create a bot for Descent: Underground, is chugging along. We just finished taking entries for Stage 2 of the Art Path, and we have five great submissions from our fans!

Be sure to VOTE HERE for your favorite!

Voting closes this upcoming Monday at 10am CDT (1500 UTC).

There's also still time to enter the Stage 2 Design Path, where we've asked for a backstory that places the bot in the world of Descent.

Check out the rules here and submit your ideas today!

Remember, constructive feedback earns you points towards winning an AMD 290X video card!


The dev team keeps making progress on the "Vertical Slice", a layer cake that shows off the various aspects of Descent: Underground. I like to call this particular slice "Devil's Food", but nobody likes my nicknames... I think it makes them hungry.

We're looking forward to showing you gameplay footage of the Devil's Food slice, complete with Rob's super sweet test map "Apophis", laser bolts, missiles, and... "KA-SPLODIES!" (That's a technical term.)

When we've got the slice frosted, we're hoping to have some of our fans come by and test it to give us additional feedback for tuning the game.


Speaking of playtesting... next week, Advisory Board members Drakona, LotharBot, and Elfindreams will be helping us out here in the Austin office. We have plenty of work for them to do, including helping us to tune the flight dynamics, figuring out what sorts of "building blocks" are missing from our map kit, laying out some ideas for new maps, and more!

That Wednesday, July 8, is also our next scheduled design meeting livestream for members of The Underground!

Undergrounders get to be a "fly on the wall" during a live design meeting discussing some aspect of Descent: Underground!

If you're a member of the Underground, keep an eye on your forum for more details...


As we've been hinting for a few weeks now, the Kickstarter-era reward tiers are going away and a much smaller list of reward "buckets" will take their place. This means that many of the rewards, such as Alpha or Beta access, will only be an "a la carte" option.

The ship selection in the new buckets is also more simplified as well, but ships will become available as a la carte pledges- something we promised would happen during the Kickstarter.

A number of individual rewards will be going away completely, such as the green Kickstarter-themed forum ribbons, tier-specific ship art, and elite-level thanks in the credits. While the new backers will still get forum ribbons, those ribbons will have a different color scheme.

We are not planning to offer any discounts on the existing store packages.

Once they are gone, they are gone- and it will not be possible to upgrade from one complete reward tier (like "Material Defender") to another ("Safety In Numbers", for instance). We do not think that such upgrades will be offered again because of limitations in the store software.

However, all existing reward "buckets" will still be able to add a la carte items, though in many cases the individual pledge price is higher.

And then...

We thought about it some more and we wanted to give our early backers an extra show of gratitude from the team- an exclusive skin pack!

We're still working out the exact details, but the idea is that the pack will include a skin for every ship in the game. That's all nine ships (even if you don't have them now, you can apply the skin when you unlock it!) with sub-skins for the stock nose, wings, and tail!

Keep watching this blog, I'll have more specifics about this special, early-backer skin pack soon!

The plan is for this skin pack to be available only to the original packages, so if you want one... Pledge Now!

Until next time- fly safe!


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Is there a specific date for when the store is changing?  If I want to last-minute grab an extra "safety in numbers" or something of the sort, when do I have to do it by?

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We're still nailing down the exact date, but we will definitely announce it ahead of time. I'd like to make sure people have at least a week's notice.

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