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Community Campfire #9

Posted by dunkelza , 23 June 2015 · 9,099 views

Community Campfire #9 Howdy all!

This past week has been a wild ride, from a redone website, to the countdown to the "Vertical Slice" (Mmm... Cake!), to the conclusion of Stage 1 of our Build-A-Bot Contest!


Stage 1 has ended, YOU voted- and the devs agreed with the community, choosing to advance the fan favorites to Stage 2!


defcon_x and ShoGun!

Each of you has earned a "Forum Games Winner" badge and five "Pals", the in-game premium currency!

Your swoop-winged concept and flamethrower boss design are uniting to become the challenge for Stage 2- a backstory and a 3D concept for this terrifying new bot!

Attached Image: 20150622-BAB-fanArt_drone_feedback01.jpg

Congratulations also to runners-up Blitz-D, Goznik, Whiteshark, and Abdul, you will each receive two Pals per category you placed in!

My apologies to Abdul and Whiteshark, I somehow reversed their names when writing down the vote tally. I believe the list is correct now. - Dunk 20150626-0033

Remember, you can participate in (and earn points/prizes) in both the Art and Design paths at the same time!

Check out the Build-A-Bot Contest rules and enter today!


Special thanks to Khrull for adding Coram Morte to the world of Descent: Underground!

Attached Image: CoramMorteLogoREV5.PNG

Reyex: CM
Close: 3198.20↓ 1MO: +2.02 6MO: +1.74

Best known today for their “Live Incredibly” advertising campaign and its lusekofte-clad actors, Coram Morte arose from an intensely tragic time in human history. The Swan Flu epidemic claimed millions of lives in the early 22nd Century, at the peak of the Anthropocene Deluge. Where traditional treatments had failed, Arnbjörg University’s highly-experimental Coram Morte protocol (Latin for “before death”) utilized an engineered virus to modify dying patients’ immune systems to reduce life-threatening symptoms.

After their success with the Swan Flu epidemic, the scientists behind the Coram Morte protocol founded a gene therapy concern, taking the name of their new enterprise from the famous life-saving treatment. Though the company mostly specialized in preventative and reproductive medicine, in 2145 they acquired BRY Pharma and its telomere-lengthening Viternia product line.

Leveraging their newfound dominance of the high-end life extension market, Coram Morte rapidly diversified out of the pharmaceutical space. Today, Coram Morte is a major player in insurance, financial planning, civil engineering, agribusiness, and spacecraft life support systems. A significant partner in the Rénaude Entertainment Networks (REN), Coram Morte also operates numerous electronics manufacturing and ensense production houses enhancing the vertical integration of that supply chain.

During the initial foundation of the United Corporations' Security Council, Coram Morte built the "Gemini" Zodiac Station, ensuring their place in the nascent body. Typically clad in upscale Nordic adventure wear, Coram Morte's managerial staff stand out from the seat of suits at any convention. Blue-collar workers often dress in ruggedized versions of the same style. Investors value Coram Morte stock for both its long-term solidity and the periods of volatility associated with major new products.

{LIBERETE NODE B1AC:CC13:E234:6731-E312:ABDC:2776:FE32 ONLINE AT 23150618.122141.V}

{DefendDEarth 23150618.122141.V} I pulled down another of the gigacorp profiles: {((FILE ATTACH))} Not one mention of the Forgotten and Outlanders they harvest so the Arcodwellers can live forever. I know they aren’t the only giga doing it, but they popularized it. {EOP}

{Margaritas4U 23150618.123024.C} I bet we wouldn’t still have to listen to that bloodlusting barbarian Ulbrick whine about the “good ol’ days” if these guys hadn’t shown everyone it was possible. He has to be what, three hundred now? {EOC}

{WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot 23150618.123115.T} Nowhere near that old, but definitely older than he looks. My concern is that no one is talking about that time they tried cloning soldiers and uploading their minds between bodies. That worked out predictably horrifically. My sources suggest they’re at it again in the Arizona EOZ. {EOC}

{DefendDEarth 23150618.1246.V} That’s a really tragic (and scary) thought. It makes me think of that other giga that got started in the days of brain uploads. Creepy stuff. {EOC}


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