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Community Campfire #8

Posted by dunkelza , 16 June 2015 · 7,005 views

Community Campfire #8 Howdy Descendents!

Y'all have been rocking the community this past week!

Our community chat has been lively and if you aren't in chat now, we welcome you to come on by and say hi.

Our forums are also full of wonderful people talking about all sorts of things. Stop on by and introduce yourself!


Entries have closed for the first stage of our Build-A-Bot Contest and We Need YOU to vote for the finalists!

Please be sure to vote in both paths so we can get lots of feedback!

You can also still earn points to Win an AMD 290X Video Card by leaving constructive feedback in the discussion threads for each path:

Voting and discussion for Stage 1 will end next Monday, June 22 at 11am CDT (1400 UTC).

Check back every day because we will soon announce the instructions so YOU can enter Stage 2 and have a chance to win that 290X card!


As we transition into the pre-alpha phase of development, we are also working to transition our community from "Kickstarter" mode to "Play The Game" mode.

Part of that is enabling and encouraging players to form their own organizations, clans, and so on.

Our Advisory Board helped us refine some ideas about how to support player organizations. We took the results of that and shared them with The Underground to get more feedback. Now it's your turn!

We need YOU to read through our plan and leave a comment today!


What do you think of today's image?

This is an in-engine render of a hallway in our test map, Apophis.

It's one of a number of renders that we shared with the Undergrounders who generously support our efforts to keep our community involved in the game development process. Their pledges keep our weekly video programs, Wingman's Hangar and Design: Underground, on the air.


Okay, pitch mode off.

This picture shows that we are nearing the conclusion of a HUGE push by our art, design, and technical teams to develop the "Vertical Slice"- a gameplay testing build of Descent: Underground's core features. Things like flying, shooting, mining... and exploding... are all part of the Vertical Slice.

The Vertical Slice isn't the build we will be testing with our Proving Grounds backers, but it's a major step to getting there. Within the next month, we hope to be hosting some of our Advisory Board members (and maybe a few other fans) at our offices to test it out!

There also might be another multi-hour livestream coming up in the next few weeks... and it might involve devs blowing each other up in both Descent: Classic and in Descent: Underground!

Keep an eye on our website and of course Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter to get more information on this and a bazillion other things!

Until next time, Fly Safe!


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Great post Dunk!


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Lens flares! 

I guess this is one of the only games where it's actually realistic to have them. : )

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