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Community Campfire for June 9, 2015

Posted by dunkelza , 09 June 2015 · 2,951 views

Community Campfire for June 9, 2015 Howdy Descendents!

We have a truly awesome community here!

For instance, check out all of the awesome folks who've earned a Contributor Medal:

Stealthguy, Pleasure, Overwatch, dunkelza, JetRonin, melbourne, Winglet, grimfalcon, BeckAltarr, AC_Black, elfindreams, Xyphon, Groundhound, Wingman, Erio, Warlock, KnightsKilrathi, Gallitin, skuripanda, Viewmaster, Renegade-Shank, AngryPeas, JazAero, Skeletonbane, Strife, Jaxley, Fallarnon, Pops, Zenimer, DrHawk, Nelson, Stormwind, Mufossa75, Louhikarme, FireDragon, Grishord, ShoGun, Yoshimitsu

All of these people were awarded this medal after making a lot of positive volunteer contributions (usually over a long period of time) that are helping take Descent: Underground forward as a game.

Now it's your turn!


Starting tomorrow, and running until noon CDT (1700 UTC) on Monday, June 15, we are going to be running stage one of our BUILD-A-BOT contest!

That's right!

We want YOU to work with your fellow community members to design a bot for Descent: Underground!

This contest will proceed in two paths (Art and Design) comprised of four stages, each corresponding to a part of the development pipeline. At the end of each stage, we will ask the community to vote for the best ideas. The top three (plus possibly a wildcard) will go before the appropriate team of developers here at Descendent Studios and the top idea will move on to shape the next stage.

Here's the cool part...

We will be watching the forums to see who is putting out good ideas and feedback in each stage. Everyone who brings something to the table will get points. Sure, the person who submitted the top idea will get more points, but that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Let's say that Dunkelblah submits an idea but it gets no votes. If the idea was well-presented and contributed to the discussion, Dunkelblah would still get some points. Plus, we will award points for good comments and feedback, too!


Because very few people are good at all of the different stages of developing an idea from design specification through concept art and into modeling and texturing. We want EVERYONE to be able to contribute to this process in the ways that they are best able to participate.

How Many Points Per Stage?
  • Offering Constructive Feedback: 1-2
  • Posting a Well-Developed Idea: 2-3
  • Voted into the Top 3 Ideas: 4 Points + ◈2
  • Top Idea for the Stage: 5 Points + Forum Contest Winner medal + ◈5
You can participate in both paths, so get those juices flowing!

While we will be awarding points for forum posts, we do encourage you to use our chat system to discuss ideas and refine them.

Each stage, a special entry thread and discussion thread will be created by our team. The Art path threads will live in the Vehicles forum. The Design path threads will live in the Lore & Fiction board.

Oh, prizes? You want prizes? We got prizes!

As you saw, the winner of each stage in each path gets ◈5 ("Pals") and a nifty forum badge. The top 3 entries in each stage in each path gets ◈2 that can be spent on cosmetic stuff in the game.

The 2nd place winner, by points earned across both paths (Maximum of 40), will receive 6 months of Underground membership and a shiny, new Contributor medal!

The 1st place winner, by points earned across both paths (Maximum of 40), will receive a full year of Underground membership, a shiny, new Contributor medal, and... an AMD 290X video card courtesy of AMD and a past contest victor (who wanted to remain anonymous)!


Speaking of the Underground...

I hear a rumor that there's another livestreamed game design meeting tomorrow at 10AM!

Undergrounders- be sure to check your forum regularly for access instructions!

If you're not yet a part of the Underground, there is still time to enlist for the cause!

Here's a free preview- a past design meeting:


Our original website front end was built for the Kickstarter campaign. Now that we are fully in development mode, the front page is being redesigned to be more streamlined and friendly to new visitors.

In parallel with that is a redesign of the reward tiers in our pledge store. Our users have been very helpful in suggesting places for improvement and those ideas are guiding our redesign. That does mean, though, that some of the neat things in our packages could be going away!

We've also been working with our Design Advisory Board to develop support for player-run organizations, like clans. They've suggested all sorts of :redacted: that we are going to use to update our plans. Next, we're going to slide the plan in front of the Underground and then we'll release it to the whole community for comment.

Organizations won't be here as soon as the new front page, but we do think supporting player orgs is important to a vibrant community.

Also, remember to tune into our Twitch Channel at 11am CDT (1600 UTC) on Friday, June 12, for another fun-filled Wingman's Hangar, and be sure to submit your questions for FFFForum FFFFeedback!

Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to get the latest updates as soon as they appear!

Thanks for being awesome!

Fly safe,


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Cool! I'm already wondering if I can take a part in the BUILD-A-BOT.

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Threads are up:


Design Path-

- Entries: http://descendentstu...tage-1-entries/

- Discussion: http://descendentstu...e-1-discussion/


Art Path-

- Entries: http://descendentstu...tage-1-entries/

- Discussion: http://descendentstu...e-1-discussion/

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